Secret of the Leviathan is the fifth expansion pack released in School of Dragons. It was released on March 2nd, 2017, as part of version 2.6.0.

The original price is 1000 Gems Gems.

Secret of the Leviathan was released somewhat along with the fourth season of Dragons: Race to the Edge, and it serves as a continuation to Return to Dragon Island.

Basic Plot[edit | edit source]

The newly hatched Leviathan is in distress and Hiccup needs your help to discover what this fabled dragon needs. However, Hiccup is needed as Chief of Berk and it is up to you to trace the origin of this dragon's maladies. Join Skulder the Archaeologist and Phlegma the botanist as you venture into unknown islands in hopes of finding the Leviathan and the reason behind its behavior.

Along the way you will run into new allies, like Mala, who will give you a helping hand during your journey. However, you will first have to prove you posses the necessary strength and skill required to overcome the challenges ahead. Wander into twists and turns of an ancient labyrinth and dive deep into the ocean, all while trying to solve the many puzzles that will lead you to an age-old secret!

What You Get[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

The Secret of Leviathan quest icon Quests[edit | edit source]

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Shh! Careful, this may contain spoilers!

The first 2 quests of the expansion, The Birth of a Leviathan and Impossible Island? are free for all players.

The Birth of a Leviathan
Impossible Island?
The Water Conundrum
Return to the Impossible
Death Traps of Impossible Island
Welcome to the Jungle
The Labyrinth
Flame Whipper Unleashed!
You've Got Terror-Mail
Into the Labyrinth
Approaching the Ruins
The Dragon Bloom
The Fate of the Leviathan
The Treasures Within
Key Finders
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