Skulder the Archeologist is one of School of Dragons' original characters and the most used in Expansion packs. He's located in Icestorm Island and later in Mudraker Island.


Skulder is a male, young adult archeologist, possibly around in his 20s judging by his growing beard and mustache duo. Living in the arctic, he wears special thermal clothing propriately for the weather which includes a long sleeved shirt, long sleeved pants that is covered by tall boots with a fuzzy collar and an short ushanka with two black feathers coming out of it. He also wears an armored/fuzzy collar to protect his shoulders.

Being an explorer and archeologist, he carries a camping bag with a sleeping bag compartment and a horn on the right side, possibly used to carry water.


Skulder is a very simple yet welcoming archeologist, welcoming the player and Hiccup to his camp, despite them building an igloo in his camp. Very welcoming and a little too friendly as he doesn't show any signs of suspicion and he's willing to demonstrate his work to people he never met before.

Trained dragons? Incredible! I've never seen such a thing. I don't mean to offend, but I'd still rather not get too close to them.
  — Skulder [src]  

Being used to the Vikings' old ways of killing dragons, he first shown distrust, doubt and suspicion over the trained dragons, still rather not get too close to them in fear of a possible attack. However, despite his distrust on dragons, he found the idea of training what was once Vikings' fearful enemy fascinating, lamdshading how exploring unknown territory would be easier with a dragon by the side.

Skulder 4

Muddy the Mudraker

Overtime, Skulder leaves his old Viking ways and goes futher to even train his own dragon: a Mudraker named Muddy that he met in Mudraker Island.

Skulder has shown to get excited and eager to see and explore anything to do with archeology and even going as far to show and talk about it to the player.


When I was a boy, I used to explore these shores by myself. I didn't care much for wrestling or fighting dragons like the other kids. That's part of the reason why I left. I knew that my skills were better suited for archaeology and exploration.
  — Skulder [src]  
Skulder used to live in Berk during the times of war with the dragons and, at the time, young Vikings had to learn how to fight with the dragons so that in the future, they could keep up with the war and defeat them. However, Skulder didn't found it interesting at all, didn't found interest and liking in wrestling and fighting dragons for a living but he did found interest in exploring the shores (possibly to discover and to study the shells through simple hand excavation in the shores).

His fear for dragons originate in his childhood, from the fear he felt during the numerous dragon's attacks [src].

Eventually, possibly around at an older age, Skulder left Berk and followed what his skills were meant for: Archeology and exploration. While he's happy with here he's at, he does shows signs of missing Berk.

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Skulder is often used to teach Archeology however, in terms of story-telling, he's the "damsel in distress" of the game as in almost every Expansion, he gets caught, often locked in a cage.

Fishing for the Ages Edit

In this quest his first name, Skulder, is introduced for the first time. As this quest was introduced after Battle for the Edge, in this and previous expansions he's mentioned as simply "the Archaeologist".

Icestorm Island Edit

The player meets Skulder for the firt time in Fellow Explorers. He has a camp on Icestorm Island, where he is looking for ancient Viking's artifacts.


Call of the Death Song Edit

The Archeologist is a side character in this expansion, and appears in only a few quests: The Mysterious Dragon Eye, Journey to Death Song Island, The Groncicle Inside Scoop and The Aftermath.

He had a digging camp on Melody Island, but he apparently left it in a rush as all his tools are still there. He manages to get trapped in Death Song amber, and the players need to free him [src].

Battle for the Edge Edit

Again, the Archaeologist is a secondary character in the expansion. He has a digging camp at Mudraker Island, where he is looking for no better specified viking artifacts.

The Archaeologist is trying to overcome his fear of dragons, and train his own dragon, with the help of the player. However, it won't be as easy as he thought. He is impressed by the size of a Mudraker, when this dragons stands next to him for the first time [src].

He doesn't understand dragon psychology, and he anthropomorphizes the mudraker's behavior, thinking it "hates him". However he later understands that the dragon doesn't know that its actions cause problems to the archaeologist, and acts following its instincts. He however still isn't ready to fully bond with the dragon, and prefer to remain friend with him [src]. He is patient towards the Mudraker's overly playful nature [src].

When Harald Forkbeard steals everything from Dragon's Edge, Skulder is briefly accused of being his partner in crime, but is soon revealed that is not true, and Harald encaged him on Mudraker Island [src]. After that, he reveals the true nature of Harald, and here ends his contribution to the expansion. [src]

Return to Dragon Island Edit

Skulder appear for the first time in the quest Dragon Rider, Undercover. He has ben exposed for a long time to the toxic fog, while digging on a site, and he fell ill. He is then cured at the Clubhouse. [src]

He then join Eret and the player to Auction Island, to investigate some "magic bones" that Harald is selling. They discover that it's a Red Death tooth, that supposedly has the power to turn dragons to stone. But Skulder recognize they are instead fossils, and he's bothered by the fact that interesting items loke those are distorted. [src]

He then go back alone to Auction Island to "fix the problem", but he is attacked, lose conscience, and when he wakes up he's accused to have stolen the fossils. He's then trapped in a cage. [src] The player will then prove he's innocent, he's freed and both go back to Dragon Island [src] .

Skulder has studied geology and dig in sites near volcanoes [src], so his knowledge is helpful to understand the phenomena that cause the toxic fog [src] . While he indeed is helpful in understanding what causes the fog, and how to solve it, [src] he's also the one that awake the Green Death. [src]

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Let's keep track of all the times you need to rescue Skulder

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Harald Forkbeard Edit

Skulder and Harald have crossed paths many times, and, in Skulder's words, Harald has "never failed to prove himself a crafty manipulator and skilled thief. We need to figure out how to protect ourselves from him".[src]

Harald encages Skulder on Mudraker Island, leaving him to his fate, [src] so obviously Skulder has a grudge against him. [src] When he finally meet Harald again, he is pretty angry, and threatens with attacking him physically. [src]

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Skulder dragonvile

Skulder in Dragonvine

  • Skulder appears in the graphic novel Dragonvine, published by Dark Horse Comics in Sept. 2018. He's then the first SoD original character to be featured in another Httyd franchise media.
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