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Fishlegs: "Oh no! Meatlug accidentally sat on Phlegma's telescope and broke it. Now she won't know what weather is coming!

The weather describes what the atmosphere is doing. The atmosphere is the air all around and above us. Can you help her out while Hiccup and I try to fix this telescope? She'll meet you by the Great Hall in Berk."

1- Meet Phlegma in Berk

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Phlegma: "Thanks for helping out, [Your Viking's Name]. I need to know what weather is coming so I can prepare my farm. By studying the atmosphere, I can tell if rain or snow is coming, the temperature of the air, and even wind speeds.

I can't see the clouds from here because of the fog, but you'll be able to get a better look if you fly through it. Gothi's hut is on top of a cliff above us in Berk. Fly up toward her house!"

2- Fly through the fog at Gothi's hut

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Phlegma: "Great job!

Different types of clouds can say a lot about the weather. Get to the roof of Gothi's hut. That should give you a great view of the sky!"

3- Land on the roof of Gothi’s hut

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Phlegma: "That's great! You know, it's not easy flying that high. You must be paying attention to your Flight Club lessons!

You have a better view of the clouds that me! Can you come back to me and tell me what the clouds looked like? Fly back down through the fog to get back to Berk."

4- Fly down and go back to Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Interesting! Those sound like cirrus clouds. Cirrus clouds float high in the sky. They tend to look thin and wispy because high winds blow them into streamers.

Can you pick out the cirrus clouds from these choices?"

Sky high cloud question

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Phlegma: "Cirrus clouds mean that there will be some change in the weather soon, but there's nothing drastic coming right now. I'm glad they weren't nimbus clouds! Those usually bring rain.

Can you go back to Fishlegs and tell him that he doesn't need to rush to fix the telescope? I bet he's worrying about the damage Meatlug did!"

5- Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "So there's no sudden change in weather right now? Whew! I thought I'd have to rush to fix her telescope. I guess Hiccup and I have a little bit more time to do it right. Thanks, [Your Viking's Name]."

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