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    • If the Dragon has a Variant Sub-species, a Comparison between both Variants should be written;
    • If the Dragon was met with controversy, write an unbiased and sourcered description of the context of the controversy before, during and after it erupted. A Reference section is required as it's where all the sources' links will be placed;
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  8. Trivia, History and Glitches are technically optional but can be added if the Dragon presents Facts regarding other factors (like being able to eat Eels), updates of the Model and Animation, or glitches with the model respectively.


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Notes: Gallery needs redo.


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Additional Information

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Notes: Currently unavailable for DT.

The Slithersong is a Mystery class dragon that was released on January 29, 2016. It can be bought for 750 gems (600 gems for members).

On April 13th, 2020, the Slithersong received a price adjustment and was reduced to 500 Gems (400 for members).


"Joining from the ship graveyard, the SLITHERSONG is here to bring Vikings all kinds of chills with its melodious song. Piggybacking on Trader Johann's escape boat, it's eggs are now available for Vikings like you to try your hand at training a dragon deemed impossible to train.
So how did Trader Johann end up tangoing with this Mystery Class dragon? It was when he was sailing at night and found himself entranced by the sound of its alluring chant. It wasn't long until he suddenly finds himself in the ship graveyard, with parts of his beloved boat encased in hard amber cocoon! Luckily for him, he quickly realized that the dragon was instead interested in the giant eels trying to sink his ship.
Grateful for the fortunate distraction, now Johann had to decide whether to abandon his ship entirely or not. That was when a rogue dragon rider came swooping in with a solution: a smaller boat for the friendly trader to escape with at least some premium crates! At the time, though, he didn't realize that he would be leaving with some stowaway Slithersong eggs.
It was thanks to this encounter, however, that Trader Johann could present a new dragon for his favorite Vikings to train! Although extremely solitary like the Death Song, Johann believes that you'll find this dragon to be a worthy companion while you're on your adventures.
Whether you're earning fame on the racing track or defending the Training Grounds with your fellow clanmates against an intruding ship, the Slithersong is here to stay! Do you have what it takes to bring this dragon under your fold? Stop by the Trading Post to pick up an egg today!"

For more information on the Slithersong, visit here.

Slithersong Vs. Death SongEdit

Very similar to the Death Song, the Slithersong is faster and has a higher pitch and turning rate while possessing slightly lower health.  Despite having the same shot limit and base damage as the Death Song, the Slithersong has a lower firepower rating. The two species share similar markings and color options but have their own unique animations to help set them apart from each other.

Despite gaining energy from eating eels, the Slithersong is ineligible for the Stable Mission 'Eels!', which can be done by other eel-eating dragons.

The Slithersong was firstly released in the game "Rise of Berk", where it is considered as the main species, with the Death Song being a variation. In School of Dragons, while it's acknowledged they are related (On the release note it's stated that the Death Song is "its kin"), no more details were given about their relationship.

Notes on releaseEdit

Prior to the official announcement, a listing for the Slithersong egg was discovered in the Trading Post by multiple players on the 28th.  The egg appeared and then disappeared from the store at least twice in the intervening hours.  Upon first being found by players, the Slithersong egg was listed with a full price of 600 gems (non-members) and on sale for 396 gems.  Both known times that the egg appeared in the store, it displayed with a placeholder image of Hiccup and Toothless wearing Snoggletog hats.  Once the egg was officially released, the placeholder image was replaced with the proper graphic and the full price was raised to 750 gems (non-members).  Immediately following its release, the Slithersong egg remained on sale for 33% off (495 gems for non-members) for an unknown number of days.

At least one player who purchased a Slithersong egg during its pre-release appearance reported having problems hatching the egg.

Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 7 6 8 135
2 14 12 16 170
3 21 18 24 205
4 28 24 32 240
5 35 30 40 275
6 42 35 47 310
7 49 41 55 345
8 56 47 63 380
9 63 53 71 415
10 70 59 79 450
11 77 65 87 485
12 84 71 95 520
13 91 77 103 555
14 98 83 111 590
15 105 89 119 625
16 112 94 126 660
17 119 100 134 695
18 126 106 142 730
19 133 112 150 765
20 140 118 158 800
21 147 124 166 835
22 154 130 174 870
23 161 136 182 905
24 168 142 190 940
25 175 148 198 975
26 182 153 205 1010
27 189 159 213 1045
28 196 165 221 1080
29 203 171 229 1115
30 210 177 237 1150
31 217 183 245 1185
32 224 189 253 1220
33 231 195 261 1255
34 238 201 269 1290
35 245 207 277 1325
36 252 212 284 1360
37 259 218 292 1395
38 266 224 300 1430
39 273 230 308 1465
40 280 236 316 1500
41 287 242 324 1535
42 294 248 332 1570
43 301 254 340 1605
44 308 260 348 1640
45 315 266 356 1675
46 322 271 363 1710
47 329 277 371 1745
48 336 283 379 1780
49 343 289 387 1815
50 350 295 395 1850

Broad icon Hatchlnig and AdulthoodEdit

The hidden world icon Bioluminescent PatternsEdit

Boulder class Boulder Boulder class
Catastrophic Quaken icon
Catastrophic Quaken
Crimson Goregutter icon
Crimson Goregutter
Eruptodon icon
Grapple Grounder icon
Grapple Grounder
Groncicle icon
Gronckle icon
Hotburple icon
Screaming Death icon
Screaming Death
Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel
Shovelhelm icon
Snafflefang icon
Thunderpede icon
Whispering Death icon
Whispering Death
Mystery class Mystery Mystery class
Armor Wing icon
Armor Wing
Boneknapper icon
Buffalord icon
Changewing icon
Death Song icon
Death Song
Dramillion icon
Dreadstrider icon
Flightmare icon
Hideous Zippleback icon
Hideous Zippleback
Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler
Slithersong icon
Smothering Smokebreath icon
Smothering Smokebreath
Snaptrapper icon
Sweet Death icon
Sweet Death
Sharp class Sharp Sharp class
Devilish Dervish icon
Devilish Dervish
Grim Gnasher icon
Grim Gnasher
Prickleboggle icon
Raincutter icon
Razorwhip icon
Scuttleclaw icon
Shivertooth icon
Speed Stinger icon
Speed Stinger
Stormcutter icon
Timberjack icon
Stoker class Stoker Stoker class
Fireworm Queen icon
Fireworm Queen
Flame Whipper icon
Flame Whipper
Green Death icon
Green Death
Hobblegrunt icon
Moldruffle icon
Monstrous Nightmare icon
Monstrous Nightmare
Night Terror icon
Night Terror
Fire Terror icon
Fire Terror
Silver Phantom icon
Silver Phantom
Singetail icon
Terrible Terror icon
Terrible Terror
Typhoomerang icon
Strike class Strike Strike class
Deathgripper icon
Light Fury icon
Light Fury
Night Fury icon
Night Fury
Night Light icon
Night Light
Skrill icon
Skrillknapper icon
Snow Wraith icon
Snow Wraith
Triple Stryke icon
Triple Stryke
Woolly Howl icon
Woolly Howl
Night Lights: Dart icon
Ruffrunner icon
Pouncer icon
Tidal class Tidal Tidal class
Luminous Krayfin icon
Luminous Krayfin
Sand Wraith icon
Sand Wraith
Scauldron icon
Seashocker icon
Shockjaw icon
Sliquifier icon
Thunderdrum icon
Tide Glider icon
Tide Glider
Windwalker icon
Tracker class Tracker Tracker class
Deadly Nadder icon
Deadly Nadder
Mudraker icon
Rumblehorn icon
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