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Snoggletog event menu

The Snoggletog event has begun and many dragon riders have already been rushing to embark on this new adventure!
Vikings who enjoyed and took part in the Dreadfall event can look forward to a similar celebration this Snoggletog. They will have the chance to play in all-new daily and storyline quests, Dragon Tactic levels, Thunder Run Racing tracks, and more in hopes of earning Snoggletog cookies!
  — Brynjolf [src]  

Snoggletog Event or simply called Snoggletog is a limited time event where players need to gather as many Cookies as possible to receive a wide range of rewards, including the highly requested Night Lights. It was first introduced in December 12th, 2019, on Update 3.5.0 - A Merry Snoggletog Update. This also marks the first -Fury Dragon being made available outside of the Membership aspect.

As highly requested and much like the Dreadfall Event, the Event was extended a total of 19 days in January 3rd, two days before the initial deadline, extending it to January 22nd, 28th if one counts the 7-day extension for players to exchange their cookies for the prizes.

How to PlayEdit

The Event is easier said than done, the purpose is to gather as many Cookies as possible before the end of the Event. There's various ways of gathering Cookies, which include the main minigames like Thunder Run Racing and Battle Events as well as the return of Daily Quests. Though, this time, it's a bit different. Unlike Dreadfall Event where players were obligated to win every prize in order to achieve the Dragon prizes, in this event, players can choose what they wish to collect first as long as the Cookie requirement has been acheived so if the player wishes to get the Night Lights first, they'll need to gather the required amount of Cookies to achieve them without having to collect all the other prizes.


Snoggletog reward ready

Whenever the player reaches the reward's Cookie requirement, the reward will be highlighted in green in the Prize List; if the player decide to claim an available reward, the Cookie gained will be exchanged for the prize, and said Cookies will be discounted from the player's total. Unlike the Dreadfall Event, the player can choose which prize to claim.

Snoggletog event prize list

All Inner-Prizes

There's a total of 15 Prizes to achieve including the Night Lights, Apparel, Battle Equipment, an exclusive Gronckle skin and a Snow Wraith Dragon Armor. Each have their own requirements that increase with their order on the prize list.

Snoggletog event icon Snoggletog Event Prizes Snoggletog event icon
Snoggleprize nightlight snowman
Snoggleprize nightlight totem
Snoggleprize light fury knitted hat
Snoggleprize toothless mask
Snow Night Light Night Light Totem Light Fury Knitted Hat Toothless Mask
Farm Decoration Farm Decoration Appeal - Helmet Appeal - Mask
100 Dragon cookie
100 Candy cane cookie
100 Snoggletog tree cookie
150 Dragon cookie
100 Candy cane cookie
Snoggleprize defender shield
Snoggleprize light fury snoggletog sweater
Snoggleprize snowman head
Snoggleprize nightlight snoggletog sweater
Defenders of the Hidden World epic Shield Light Fury Snoggletog Sweater (Blue) Snowman Head Night Light Snoggletog Sweater
Battle Equipment - Shield Appeal - Torso Appeal - Helmet Appeal - Torso
250 Dragon cookie
100 Candy cane cookie
10 Snoggletog tree cookie
250 Dragon cookie
100 Candy cane cookie
10 Snoggletog tree cookie
200 Candy cane cookie
25 Snoggletog tree cookie
200 Candy cane cookie
25 Snoggletog tree cookie
Snoggleprize gronckle snow skin
Snoggleprize viking snowman head
Snoggleprize legendary defender sword
Snoggleprize legendary groncicle sword
Snow Gronckle Skin Snow Viking Head Legendary DotHW Sword Legendary Groncicle Sword
Dragon Skin Appeal - Helmet Battle Equipment - Sword Battle Equipment - Sword
250 Candy cane cookie
50 Snoggletog tree cookie
84 Snoggletog tree cookie
25 Gingerbeard viking cookie
133 Snoggletog tree cookie
51 Gingerbeard viking cookie
159 Snoggletog tree cookie
77 Gingerbeard viking cookie
5 Toothless cookie
Snoggleprize dragon armor snow wraith
Snow Wraith Dragon Armor
Battle Equipment - Dragon Armor
320 Snoggletog tree cookie
117 Gingerbeard viking cookie
23 Toothless cookie
Ruffrunner Pouncer
Snoggletog event ruffrunner pose
Snoggletog event pouncer pose
266 Gingerbeard viking cookie
109 Toothless cookie
228 Gingerbeard viking cookie
214 Toothless cookie

Is it possible to gather enough before the end of the Event?Edit

It's harder to answer this question for this event than for the Dreadfall one, because there are several factors to consider.

First, in this event, you can choose which prizes to claim, so depending on which ones you want, the quantity of cookies you need can change drastically.

Second, there's a RNG element involved as many minigame rewards involve Cookie Jars, that can reward different kinds of cookies. The published rates are not accurate, as the values shown are for the Super jars, while lower rarity jars have higher % to give lower rarity cookies.

Just to give some numbers, if you only aim for Pouncer, that's by far the most expensive prize, you will need the equivalent of 133,750 Dragon cookie (that's the basic currency) for the Toothless cookie and 28,500 Dragon cookie for the Gingerbeard viking cookie.

With a total duration of the event being 25 days, you need to gather 6490 Dragon cookie a day. By farming alone, and considering the most effective way - feeding foxes twice a day (that covers 16h of production daily), you would need 14 foxes. That's not impossible, but the start of the event brought the unwelcome change that foxes now cost Gems icon trans instead of Gold icon trans, so this setup can be really expensive if you didn't have your own fox army before the start of the event.

You can also get 10+ Jars every day, depending on how many minigames you can do and your result in them. They only award 2 Cookie jar good (from Dragon Tactics - 20 cookies total), and a variable amount of Cookie jar common and Cookie jar basic jars (5 cookies each). Again, as the quantity, type and result of the jars is variable, it's hard to calculate what they can give daily, but any rarer type of cookie that you get from these, will lower your overall amount of Basic cookies needed.

In the Store, a special type of Cookie jar super has been added and while it give 20 Cookies still, it has a guarantee of giving 1 Toothless cookie, the only problem is each Super Jar costs 85 Gems icon trans with no discount in Membership - this has been fixed in January 4th, 2020 and it now properly has a 20% discount if Membership is on.

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