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Archaeologist: "I lost track of time on a dig site and I was out there in the fog for too long. I fell violently ill! I've never seen or experienced anything like this before. We need to figure out why this fog made me sick! Can you speak to Heather and look for a scientific way to solve this mystery?"

1- Talk to Heather about the fog

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Heather: "I think Skulder is right about that fog because it is definitely not just water and air. Why does it make Vikings sick... and why aren't the dragons affected? Organisms have adaptations to help them survive the type of environment they live in.

Over the years, dragons must have adapted to survive in this fog; that's why their bodies can handle it while Vikings get nauseous.

Hiccup and I are constantly making new upgrades to the lab that will allow us to test fantastic scientific theories together. We've been working on a way to test the chemical composition of gases by analyzing the colors of light. I think this might be the perfect time to use that device! Will you bring Hiccup up to speed on the situation?"

2- Talk to Hiccup about chemical composition

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Hiccup: "Great! I've been looking for a chance to debut my spectrometer. It's a device that can measure the property of light!

Light is one of the forms of energy, and the light we can see is called the visible spectrum. This light is made of the colors in the visible spectrum that haven't been absorbed by an object. For instance, Stormfly is blue because her scales absorb all the colors of the spectrum other than blue.

We shine a light through a gas then we refract, or separate, that light. That way, we can see which part of the spectrum is absorbed by the material. That tells us what that gas is made out of!

I have everything ready to go except for one final piece: the prism that will refract the light. Johann was supposed to bring me one in his latest shipment."

3- Get a prism from Johann

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Johann the Trader: "Master Hiccup's prism? I have it right here, carefully wrapped in the finest sillks! I am sure he will appreciate the presentation and the craftmanship of the prism! Where did I get it, you ask? Well, it is a wondrous story full of tragedy and betrayal.

There I was, sailing along the Twin Tooth fjords when a ship the size of a hammerhead whale suddenly appeared along my starboard bow! I didn't know what to do, and..."

[item: 1 Prism]

Item prism


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!: "You should get away from Johann before he talks your ears off. Hiccup must be eagerly awaiting that prism."

4- Give Hiccup the prism

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Hiccup: "Excellent! This prism will separate the wavelengths of light, and show all the colors of light, just like a rainbow does. I'll get the spectrometer ready for the lab. Can you ask Heather if she has the gases ready to go?"

5- Talk to Heather at the school

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Heather: "Yes, I got the canisters of gases ready to go! Usually, Hiccup has these filled with Zippleback gas for his Dragon Blade, but we have a wide assortment of gases to test for the lab here.

You see, we want to know the chemical composition of the mysterious fog. If we put it through the spectrometer, it will show us where on the visible spectrum the fog emits, but we don't know what that matches! We need a baseline result to calibrate the spectrometer, so that we can recognize the chemical structure when we test the fog.

Thanks for setting up the Lab, Hiccup. I'm excited to put the spectrometer to good use! Let's go inside."

6- Use the spectrometer in the lab

The spectrometer might look intimidating, but it's really simple! The lens will focus the sunlight through the material. Drag the oxygen into the spectrometer!
Lab 1 - Place the oxygen in the spectrometer, and then heat the item and observe the spectrum change.
The oxygen within the spectrometer will absorb some of the light that will enter the prism. Heat the spectrometer!
Tap the Reset button.
Let's move on to the next task.
Place the Hydrogen into the spectrometer, and then heat it!
Lab 2 - Place the hydrogen in the spectrometer, and then heat the item and observe the spectrum change.
Tap the Reset button.
Now, let's move on different types of matter: liquid! Place water in the spectrometer and heat it up!
Lab 3 - Place water in the spectrometer, and then heat the item and observe the spectrum change.
Wow! The spectrum for water seems to match the colors for both oxygen and hydrogen. That's because water is made out of hydrogen and oxygen.
This means that some objects can be made out of multiple elements, and each element will show up on the spectrometer!
With that in mind, Reset the lab and finish testing the rest of the items for our experiment!
Lab 4 - Place the sulfur in the spectrometer, and then heat the item and observe the spectrum change.

Lab 5 - Place copper in the spectrometer, and then heat the item and observe the spectrum change.

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Heather: "Wow, Hiccup, you really outdid yourself this time. The spectrometer worked perfectly!

Now we know the colors of some common elements. The next step is to test the fog with the spectrometer to figure out if it has the same colors as any of these gases!"


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