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Archaeologist: "I think that the Green Death's nest is blocking the way that the lava would normally flow. The pressure from the magma can't penetrate it so it's got nowhere to go but through the hydrothermal vents. That's what must be causing the fog. We need to divert the lava so it is flowing again.

Perhaps we could excavate our own set of vents below the nest? It would leave the Green Death and its nest out of harm's way. I'm just not sure how we can do it.

Even if we had a hundred Vikings, I don't think they could withstanding the blistering heat. If only we had a dragon that resists these intense temperatures and can burrow through the rock. Do you think Valka knows of a dragon like that?"

1- Ask Valka about Skulder's plan

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Valka: "There is only one dragon that can do this. It is the Eruptodon! These dragons live deep inside volcanoes and they eat lava, so of course their magnificent skins have adapted to resist even the hottest of temperatures.

The Eruptodon can dig a tunnel from inside the volcano, inches from the magma.

Unfortunately, Eruptodons are a rare breed. I have met only one Eruptodon, and he was the Great Protector of Defender of the Wing Island. He is... well, we cannot rely on him. Perhaps Hiccup knows where to find another?"

2- Talk to Hiccup about where to find an Eruptodon

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Hiccup: "I met the Great Protector too! Small world. I don't know where to look for another... and it won't be easy.

Hmm. It's a long shot but Eret may have come across an Eruptodon while he was dragon wrangling. Can you talk to him at the Training Grounds and find out?"

3- Speak with Eret

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Eret: "Now this is right up my alley, mate. Did I mention that I was the finest dragon wrangler?... I did? Alright, we'll just get straight to it.

Back in the day, there was an island that shook the oceans with earthquakes and many great dragons leaped from its volcano at any passing ships to protect their home. No hunter would dare sail near it... except yours truly, of course.

I still remember high-tailing it out of there when one Eruptodon flew too close. It flew so close that it almost made me soil my britches.

I reckon it's time to get over those fears. We'll need Valka along with us, since I haven't the faintest idea how to train the dragon once we get there! Join me on my ship and, if the seas are kind, we'll be there in no time."

4- Climb aboard Eret's ship and go to Eruptodon Island

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Eret: "Welcome to the wild volcano of Eruptodon island. I swear I'm not nervous... Ahem. I might be a little nervous."

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Valka: "Calm yourself, Eret. The Eruptodon is protective but not violent. As long as we respect him and his home, we won't be harmed."


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