I wasn't late; I just like to make a fashionable entrance.
  — Speedifist [src]  

Speedifist is one of the three characters from the Book Franchise.


Speedifist is essentially a Viking created with the Player's Viking Customization: lanky, thin Viking with light blue eyes, blond hair wearing a Fancy Helm-esque helmet, White Vested Tunic and Striped Pants, Brown Boots, Black Wristbands and the Private Eyes facial paint.

Unlike Clueless and Wartihog, due to Speedifist's helmet being out of the Store, you can't make a full replica of Speedifist.


Speedifist has a somewhat narcissistic and egocentric attitude, claiming he was just making a fashionable entrance as an excuse from arriving late to school[src] and presenting himself first as the fastest knot-tier on Berk before realising the player was just looking for Heather[src].

Being a common liking, Speedifist loves chocolate[src].

In the GameEdit

Speedifist only appears in a total of three Quests:

In History of the School, Speedifist delivers the Player his notes for The Headmaster. He returns in Chocolate in a Bottle, in the Quest, he gives you a chunk of chocolate for the experiment.

On a surprising turn, he's the only Book Character that appears in an Expansion Quest. During Call of the Death Song, in Where's Heather?, he's the one that tells the Player where Heather is.


You can find him:


  • In the Books, Speedifist was noticeable for being the only character with a dark complexion, whereas here, it has a white complexion. It's unknown why the developers changed his complexion;
  • Speedifist's helmet was once a helmet that was sold in the store before being removed for unknown reasons.
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