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Map portal icon.png This page is about a general introduction to Stable Missions. You may be looking for a list and guide of actual missions.

The Stable Mission Post

Stable Missions was released in December 18th, 2015[1] - initially very heavily bugged and unbalanced, missions would very often get stuck after being finished, showing that they where completed but failing to do anything when clicked on. Additionally, the release of stable missions broke the Farm's Job Board and Old Wrinkly's Cauldron for a lot of players. Once Stable Missions became stable, they were considered as "The Golden Age" due to previously being home to multiple Missions that rewarded Gems - nowadays, only three reward Gems after being temporarily removed between May 12th, 2020, v3.8.0, to August 20th, 2020, v3.11.0 due to the Gems being "out of balance"[2].


Smission hud new.png

The Stable Missions post is located in the center of every stable, clicking on it will open its HUD, a total of 6 Slots with a randomized Mission appears, the bottom middle and right Slot require Toothless and Membership respectively. Each slot shows:

Smission inside hud new.png
  • The Mission's title;
  • The Time it takes to complete it;
  • Difficulty;
  • Rewards;

Clicking the slot shows the Selection HUD, which lists more details on the requirements to complete the Mission. Aside from the initial information, it also shows:

  • The problem that needs to be resolved;
  • The number of the team;
  • Type of S.Mission;
  • Fishleg's Tip;
  • Chance of Sucess;
Smission selection 1.png

Clicking on the Team Card shows a list of Dragon - for a Dragon to be eligible for a Mission, they must not be active and depending on the Mission, the level needs to reach a certain amount. For example, some Titan Rune missions requires a 20+ Level Dragon, any dragon below 20 won't be eligible. If a Dragon is busy on another Stable Mission, they'll also be ineligible. Selecting a dragon will show:

  • Its Name;
  • Its Level and XP Progress;
  • Growth Stage and Species;
  • Energy and [Battle] Health
  • Class and skills;
  • "Make active" button;

To add/remove a Dragon to the Team, the player has to click on the check bullet, the number of Dragons the player can select are determined by the number of members your Team can have. Stable Missions will take 10 Dragon Energy from the selected Dragons but they can still be used with 0 Dragon Energy left.

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Smission in progress.png

When you send dragons on the mission, the stable slot of each dragon will have a large sign saying "Gone Adventuring!", and on the list, they have a "Stop" sign on their icons - clicking on a busy Dragon will bring a pop-up stating the dragon is on a Stable Mission. When viewing the Stable Missions' HUD, the slot, with exception of its name, will be replaced with a "IN PROGRESS", a silhouette of Toothless hovering and the time remaining for it to finish. At the bottom of the slot, small logs will appear. Clicking on the in progress mission will reveal the rest of the logs and the time remaining for it to end.

Smission mission complete.png
Smission log.png

Once the time ends, the Mission is completed, however, the chances of winning depends on the percentage the player got. If the player got Defeat, the player is not awarded the full rewards and are instead rewarded a small amount of Coins and Experience Points. If the player wins, they get the full XP reward along with the special reward (Coins, Gems, Dragon Egg Chests, etc) - the Experience Points are divided with each team members, meaning if the player sent 4 dragons on a Mission that rewards 2880 Dragon Bonding XP, each dragon will have 720 Dragon Bonding XP. On the left, a "View Log" button appears, showing all the logs of the events that happened during the adventure - these serve no purpose other than "filling" what happened during it.

Before v2.3.0, October 20th, 2016, players required to have 2 Dragons but The New Student only gave one Dragon, meaning players had to hatch another Dragon, or if they were Members, place Toothless in the Stable Slot. Nowadays, New Student gives two dragons to unlock the Stable Missions as well as a Tutorial Quest explaining how they work.

Discarding Missions

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Smission cooldown new.png

There is no penalty for discarding a mission that you do not want to or cannot complete. As with Farming jobs, discarded missions have a ten-minute cool-down before a new quest will appear in a given slot. Players can choose to spend gems to by-pass this cool-down period and, unlike other such timers in School of Dragons, stable missions become cheaper to purchase the lower their timer gets.

  • 10 minutes-8 minutes: 30 gems
  • 7:59 minutes-4 minutes: 20 gems
  • 3:59 minutes-1 second: 10 gems


Currently, each dragon has 2 skills,a primary and a secondary skill. The complete list can be seen below.


  • On January 8th, 2016, prior to being debugged, some of the missions had their prizes changed to re-balance them. The affected quests had previously given out Mystery Egg Chests, Mystery Power-up Chests, and Mystery Fish Chests. Notable amongst these changes--and likely the reason why prizes were changed before the bugs were fixed--the Gronkle Iron mission had its prize changed from a Mystery Egg Chest to a Rare Salvage Chest. At the time, Gronckle Iron was a two-hour-long mission that had 100% success odds if both of its two slots were filled by an adult Gronckle. All known quests that gave out prize chests of any kind where changed to give out Common, Uncommon, or Rare Salvage Chests;
  • On January 11th, 2016, the bug that was causing stable missions to become stuck on the Completion notice was resolved;
  • On January 27th, 2016, stable missions were again changed, with many of their durations extended, some missions moved to different slots, new missions added, and the Salvage Chests removed and replaced with Mystery Power-up Chests;
  • On April 20th, as part of Update 1.19, new quests were introduced, to gather "Runes" and Titan exclusives;
  • On November 21st, 2016, as part of Update 2.4.0, ten more Stable Mission were added;
  • Between May 12th, 2020, v3.8.0, and August 20th, 2020, v3.11.0, all Gem Stable Missions were removed, currently, only three Missions reward Gems.


  • Occasionally, entering the Stables by the Viking Selection Menu, the Ad limit can have a soft-reset and allow the player to speed-up either the Cooldown or the Mission's timer 3 more times.


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