Stable Missions were released in December 18th, 2015[1] in their initial form. Heavily bugged and unbalanced, missions would very often get stuck after being finished, showing that they where completed but failing to do anything when clicked on. Additionally, the release of stable missions broke the Farm's Job Board and Old Wrinkly's Cauldron for many players.

Location and Description

Smission post

The Stable Mission Post

The Stable Missions post is located in the center of every stable.

Smission HUD


When it's clicked, a HUD with 6 Slots appears. THe HUD shows 6 slots, the bottom center and right corner being Members only.

Each slot shows:
Smission open

An open mission

  • The Mission's title;
  • The Time it takes to complete it;
  • Difficulty;
  • Rewards;

Clicking the slot, shows a second HUD.

Smission inside hud

A Slot's HUD

The second HUD shows a more detailed information of what is needed to complete it. The stats of the Slot's HUD are still showing up but, it also shows other information:

  • The problem that needs to be resolved;
  • The number of the team;
  • Type of S.Mission;
  • Fishleg's Tip;
  • Chance of Sucess;

Clicking on the Team Card, shows a checklist of dragons that you have so that you can choose who you will use to said mission.

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You can remove 48 hours from a mission's time with an ad.
1 Video per mission (to check).
Smission on work

When you send the dragons on the mission, the stable slot of each dragon will have a large sign and, on the list, they have a "Stop" sign on their icons. When viewing the Stable Missions' HUD, the slot will hve its title in larger letters, a loading-like thing with a silhouette of Toothless flying (slightly glitched), the timer going backwards and, smaller phrases from the Dragons' Log' adventure.


One of the Logs from Fire-Breathing Lessons

When said mission is completed, the slot will compeltly change to a bronze medal with a silhuoette of a dragon, on the lower part it will say "COMPLETE" and, on the upper part is the Mission's title.

Unlocking the Stable Missions

You don't right away unlock them, you need, at the very least, have 2 Dragons to unlock and activate the Tutorial Level. However, with the new intro, it's much easier and, it's not a big deal.

Discarding Missions

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There is no penalty for discarding a mission that you do not want to or cannot complete. As with Farming jobs, discarded missions have a ten-minute cool-down before a new quest will appear in a given slot. Players can choose to spend gems to by-pass this cool-down period and, unlike other such timers in School of Dragons, stable missions become cheaper to purchase the lower their timer gets.
Smission on hold
  • 10 minutes-8 minutes: 30 gems
  • 7:59 minutes-4 minutes: 20 gems
  • 3:59 minutes-1 second: 10 gems


Currently, skills appear to be divided up into two columns, with the first skill coming from the first column and the second skill coming from the corresponding column.


Color code:

Baby dragons can be selected
Only Titan dragons can be selected
Rewards a Mystery chest (fish, power-up, farm decoration)
Rewards Gems
Rewards Runes
Rewards a Mystery Egg chest

The Success Odds column lists the raw success odds: the starting odd, the basic odd that any dragon have, and the additional odds that special skills, species or class gives. For simplicity, these odds have already been added for the relevant dragons, and their totals are given in the column Suggested Dragons.

Please note that the odds given in this column are meant for adult dragons at lvl. 10. Some missions have Titan or Baby increased chances, or lower chances for dragons below certain level. Always check all the info given for a quest to properly choose your dragons.

For missions that require titans, all relevant dragons will be listed in the "suggested" column, even if their titan has not been released yet.

*The Snow Wraith might be considered as having the old skill "Wild" instead of "Ice" for stable missions.

Gem Prizes

Gems fistful icon
Fistful of Gems 10-100 Gems icon trans
Gems fistful
Gems bigsack icon
Big sack of Gems 25-400 Gems icon trans
Gems bigsack
Gems chest icon
Chest of Gems 125-750 Gems icon trans
Gems Chest
Gems hoard icon
Hoard of Gems 300-750 Gems icon trans
Gems hoard


  • On January 8th, 2016, prior to being debugged, some of the missions had their prizes changed to re-balance them. The affected quests had previously given out Mystery Egg Chests, Mystery Power-up Chests, and Mystery Fish Chests. Notable amongst these changes--and likely the reason why prizes were changed before the bugs were fixed--the Gronkle Iron mission had its prize changed from a Mystery Egg Chest to a Rare Salvage Chest. At the time, Gronckle Iron was a two-hour-long mission that had 100% success odds if both of its two slots were filled by an adult Gronckle. All known quests that gave out prize chests of any kind where changed to give out Common, Uncommon, or Rare Salvage Chests;
  • On January 11th, 2016, the bug that was causing stable missions to become stuck on the Completion notice was resolved;
  • On January 27th, 2016, stable missions were again changed, with many of their durations extended, some missions moved to different slots, new missions added, and the Salvage Chests removed and replaced with Mystery Power-up Chests;
  • On April 20th, as part of Update 1.19, new quests were introduced, to gather "Runes" and Titan exclusives;
  • On November 21st, 2016, as part of Update 2.4.0, ten more Stable Mission were added;


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