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Fishlegs: "Congratulations on your new dragon! You can now send your stabled dragons on special dragon missions! Walk over and select the Stable Mission board to check it out!"

1 - Click on the stable Mission Board

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Fishlegs: "Welcome to your Stable Missions Board! Here you will find all the avaliable Missions for your dragons. Here is an easy one to start with, select the Mission to see its details."

2 - Click on the Treasure Hunt! Mission

Tut sm 2
Mission Name/Difficulty Type Requirements Success odds Party Size Prize Duration

Treasure Hunt!

Search mission

Tip: Leader

Age: All

All dragons: 100% 1 25 Gold icon trans, 25 Adventurer XP, 100 Dragon Bonding XP, 50 UDT Points 1 minute

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "Good job! here is all the information of the mission you have selected. This is also where you select your team of dragons! The more dragons you send on a mission, the higher your chances of success! Also note, some dragons are more suited for different types of missions. Select the card to open up your dragon selection window."

3 - Click on the card to open the Dragon Selection Window

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "Here is your dragon selection screen. All of your stabled dragons are eligible for Stable Missions. Different dragons may improve your chances of success depending on the mission selected. Some Dragons may not be suitable for every mission. Select your dragon to continue."

4 - Select the active Dragon

Note: It can be any active dragon, no matter the species, it will always give 100%.

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "The dragon information window on your right will highlight green for attributes that fit your mission, any information in red means this is the reason your dragon is ineligible for a specific mission. Your dragon seems a perfect fit for this mission! Select Confirm to verify your team selection."

5 - Select Confirm

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Fishlegs: "Looks like you are all set! Select Start to begin!"

6 - Select Start

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Fishlegs: "Click on the tick mark to start the mission!"

7 - Select the tick mark

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Fishlegs: "Complete the mission now!"

8 - Speed it up/wait for the mission to complete

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Fishlegs: "Congratulations! You have finished your first stable quest. Claim your rewards!"

9 - Claim the rewards

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