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Due to the nature of the Store and its items, this page has been in heavy construction for a long time, however, now that we have a proper idea for it, this page will be updated as soon as possible. For now, only the description and images are updated, the store categories, sub-categories and items will come soon.

Snoggle store

The Store in The School (Snoggletog version)

Store hut school

The Store in The School (Dreadfall version)

The Store is a crucial, if not, essential mechanism implemented since the very beginning of the game, as it allows players to not only buy essentials that are crucial to the game but to also buy appeals that increase every so sightly a dragon's stat or the player's running speed, and Dragon eggs to increase the dragon list, thus allowing some Stable Missions to have a higher chance with the proper dragon or even a stronger dragon for Battle.

The Store is notorious for having only about 22,89% of the Store being Coin-priced items, decreasing to a mere 21,56% if counting the Holiday items, whereas about 77,10% of the Store is Gem-priced items, increasing to a 78,43% if counting the Holiday items as well. The number of Gem-priced items have been gradually increasing which have sparked a long, everlasting controversy about how it is impossible to buy anything from the Store when approximately 78,4% is Gem-priced, a currency notorious for being scarce.

Ways of AccessEdit

Snoggle store 2

The Store in Berk (Snoggletog version)

Store hut berk

The Store in Berk (Dreadfall version)

The most known way of accessing the Store is by clicking on the orange shop cart icon on the top-right corner (Store icon trans) or the green shop cart button in the Customize section of your Journal. It can be accessd at any time except when you're gliding with the Flight Suit, if so, it will be greyed out, nor can you access it during Tutorial quest.

Similar to the Blacksmith, you can find the store in the overworld without any sort of shortcut. They're represented as a small, wooden hut with a roof made of hay and cloth, and a sign saying "Johann's Trading Post". The only locations it appears are Berk and the School, the School's hut being located on a side platform, neary the Training Grounds entrance, and Berk's hut being close by the Blacksmith, players just have to take the birdge to the lower elvel and the hut will be there.

Within the StoreEdit

Store general
After v2.10.0, the Store received a massive update and organization, adding a color pallete consisting of dark greyish browns and lagoon blues, as well as removing the old Viknig aesthetic which ended becoming a big citique from many players. Everytime you enter the Store, the landing page is Deals and Sales.
Store dragon info

With the v2.13.0 update which added Combat stas for the dragons, selecting a dragon will now show you:

  • Their Role and Element/Skill 1 and 2;
  • Four stats whose meaning is unknown;

When selecting an appeal or a Dragon, you will notice two little icons on the both top corners of the general preview:

Stats Located on the top left corner, this allows you to see the stats comparison of the selected item and the one you're wearing right now/and not wearing anything. However, the mechanism changes if you select a baby dragon, to which it will show you the dragon's Combat and Racing stats.
Magni glass Located on the top right corner, this allows you to fully see the preview of your Viknig/Dragon wearing said appeal. While you do have your general preview, this is excellent for large dragons like the Timberjack.
*- Mind you that the Attackpower (ATK), Firepower (FPR), Healpower (HPR) and Health do change throughout the level, the said Combat stats shown in the window are always Level 1.

Each item has its own short, summarized information behind it by clicking the little exclamation mark (Item info), and while most of the times it doesn't give any real explanation about the item, it gives a brief info about Mystery Boxes and Farm's Fauna and their respective buildings.

Categories and Sub-CategoriesEdit

Store icon trans
Store membershipStore gems and coinsStore BundlesStore ExpansionsStore Dragon EggsStore Deals and SalesStore Dragon CareStore Dragon saddlesStore Viking ClothesStore Dragon SkinsStore Viking GearStore Hideout FurnitureStore FarmingStore Fishing

To the left of the product display, a total of 14 categories are located, ready to be used. Each category has a # of sub-categories which will all appear on the upper section of the product display, selecting one will bring a # of items which differ depending on the selecting category.

Some items and sub-categories share with other categories, meaning that you can either buy the item from that category or from another one. A great example is the Dragon Age Up sub-category that appears in both Bundles and Dragon Care category. Do keep in mind that there's items that once bought, they won't appear again.

Quest start
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The Store is one of the few mechanisms that had multiple updates and changes, however they mostly applied to the organization of the Store itself. The biggest organization changes were between 2016 and 2017 but it wasn't till 21st of December the Store got a full update and change.

The hut was once called "Store" with a woodplank saying "Now Open", it was also more thin and taller than the one in current versions. The UI itself also got a more organized update.

  • Unknown data and version: The store used to have a button that said "Invite a Friend."
  • 19/7/13, version 1.02: Store buttons made easier to click.
  • 25/7/13, version 1.03: Johann’s Trading Post added to Berk and the School.
  • 27/9/13, version 4.2: All store categories combined.
  • Around v2.4.0, throughout 2016-7, the store was reorganized and recategorized.
  • 21/12/17, v2.10.0: Refurbished store.
  • 18/9/18, v2.13.0: Resized the Category and the item's information icon.
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