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Go on, then - Stormheart is waiting for you.
  — Harald [src]  

Stormheart is a semi-Exclusive location that requires Rise of Stormheart to be fully explored. This is where most of the conflicts will happen during the Expansion and its home of one of the 4 Underwater Sections.


Stormheart looks like it's just one, simple island filled with rocky formations however, after the 10th step of What's Going On?, the player is teleported to Stormheart with a new figure in board: The Tempest.

A small boat now appears by the island, which is the boat you used to get to Stormheart.

During Is Harald Our Last Hope?, the player gets to visit Stormheart's Underwater Section, which contains a secret cave entrance.

In-game DetailsEdit

Ways of AccessEdit

  • By clicking "Stormheart" on the second page of the World Map
  • By taking Harald's boat during What's Going On? (quest exclusive)

Characters present in this locationEdit


  • If the player dives deep enough into the water, the player can see the Underwater section during flight for a split second.
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