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Snotlout: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]! Have you noticed anything different about me? I'm bulking up my muscles. After all, I've got to make sure no one can keep up with the Snotlout during training! Ruffnut has been quite the opponent lately, but it's not like I'm worried or anything!

I've started making workout drinks to help me build muscle. Can you help gather ingredients for the next batch? It's an old Jorgenson recipe, but you look like you can keep a secret. I need 3 eggs and 1 bottle of yak milk."

1- Give 1 Yak Milk and 3 Eggs to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I need for my workout smoothie. The eggs give it protein which helps build muscle, and Yak Milk has plenty of calcium for strong bones. It tastes terrible but it feels like victory!

It might taste better if it were colder. Let's try it. Could you get some fresh snow from Icestorm Island?"

2- Collect snow from Icestorm Island

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Snotlout: "Great! Bring the snow back to me, [Your Viking's Name]."

3- Give the snow to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Awesome! I can't just rely on brute strength alone. I'm sure Ruffnut has some other tricks up her sleeve... Could you talk to Ruffnut and find out her secret sparring strategy? She won't tell me but she might let something slip to you!"

4-Talk to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Secret strategy? Ha! I just swing my axe around until it hits something. Opponents can't handle my unpredictable moves!

You know what else gives me an edge? Carrot juice! Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, which helps my eyes stay sharp. Good vision is important for dodging your enemy's strikes. This awesome veggie also has Vitamin K, which keeps my bones and arteries strong so I can totally dominate during sparring practice!

Do you have 4 carrots I could borrow? I need to get my vitamins so I can keep smashing Snotlout!"

5- Give 4 carrots to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Thanks! If I keep this up, even Astrid won't be able to keep up with me!"

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Snotlout: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]! What did Ruffnut say? Come over here and tell me!"

6- Talk to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Carrot juice? That's a good idea, but it could use a Jorgensen twist. If I mix it with my family recipe, I can make it even better! I'll call it... the Orange Snot Rocket! A little bit of the juice and I'll have fans swooning at my feet!"

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