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Hiccup: "Can you help me out, [Your Viking's Name]? I've noticed that the Archaeologist has been looking nervously towards the ocean. I don't quite know our new friend very well but I think he trusts you. Will you talk to him?"

1- Talk to the Archaeologist

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Archaeologist: "Hello there, friend! I hate to alarm you, but there are dark shapes swimming towards us in the water. In my experience, that's the sign of a dangerous dragon!

Oh. That's right, you can train dragons. Forgive me. A lifetime of habit is hard to break! Can you fly your dragon out to the water and see if you can convince the dragon that we aren't its prey?"

2- Fly to the water and search for danger

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Hiccup: "These animals aren't going to harm us! They look like they're charming creatures.

It worked out this time, but that reminds me. Our dragons can protect us if we get into trouble, but the Archaeologist hasn't trained a dragon! He must feel really nervous when he's exploring new lands. I wonder if we can help him see the danger before it gets close.

Wait, I know just what will help him out! Heather and I have been working on a new prototype back at the School, and I'm sure it would help him spot friend or foe from afar. Can you go back to the School and ask Heather if she made the concave and convex lenses for the telescope? Thanks pal."

3- Fly back to Heather

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Heather: "Hiccup and I put our heads together and got to work on this telescope. We've applied everything we've learned so far, and I think this one is our best yet!

You should take the telescope back to the Arctic and give it to the Archaeologist. I hope he enjoys it!"

4- Meet the Archaeologist in the Arctic

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Archaeologist: "You're telling me that this device will let me see farther?

That's amazing! I run across so many new marvels in my travels and this is one of the greatest yet. Can you show me how it works? Click on the telescope and look through the lens."

5- Use the telescope

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Archaeologist: "I hope you can put the telescope to good use. You've been a great help to us in Icestorm Island and I wanted to return the favor. I hope we can keep working together and uncover the secrets of this land!"

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