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This template is used in the Dragon's pages.


Basic Information

  • The image should only have "tabbers" if either:
    • A special skin got relased (examepl: Crystal Deadly Nadder);
    • A Titan stage got released;
  • For an image without any tabbers, input:
|image = [image name and file]
  • Example:
|image = light fury.png
  • Class doesn't need a link as the navbox below will show you the Class link;
  • Release Date goes by DAY/MONTH/YEAR as opposed to School of Dragons' MONTH/DAY/YEAR date type, so when checking the forums for their release date or for other information, remember that they use the MONTH/DAY/YEAR type;
    • We prefer to write it as "DAY of MONTH, YEAR" or the occasional "MONTH DAY, YEAR";
  • Availability is always everyone, with expection of Night Fury and Light Fury as they can only be received with Membership, so even if the dragon is Expansion exclusive, you still have to add "everyone" to it - Example:
|Availability = Everyone (Expansion Exclusive)
  • Model Type refers to the model's animation, so in cases like Thunderpede, the Dragon has Original Animation due to the animation being uniquely and exclusive to the Dragon, in cases like Woolly Howl and Sliquifier, both models use the Night Fury model animation, with the Sliquifer using the Grapple Grounder's modified Night Fury model for long-necks.


  • Because of Update 2.13, the stats are now divided into four sections:
    • Racing: The stats that determine your dragon's agility and speed for Thunder Run Racing;
    • Combat: The stats that determine your dragon's strenght and defense skills in Dragon Tactics;
    • Battle: The stats that determine your dragon's firepower, shot limit and Base Damage for Battle Events;
    • Skills: The 1st and 2nd skill that not only determines if your dragon aids a Stable Mission but also determines its role (1st Skill) and element (2nd Skill) for Dragon Tactics;
  • All Dragon Tactics-playable dragons need the entire stats section, if the dragon can't participate in Dragon Tactics, leave "|Combat =" blank;
  • Due to the level cap of 50 and Titans having higher battle health than adults, the battle health is now divided in level 50 adult battle health (max. health: [adult health]) and level 50 Titan battle health ((Lvl.50 Titan: [Titan health])) so that players can see the major difference between them;


  • The usage of infoicons is optional but it's better without infoicons to cost less space;
  • Price is now divived in two section:
    • Store: The general price in the store;
    • UDT: How many UDT Points is needed to unlock the egg and how many coins to buy it;
  • For the UDT, you first need to write the exact number of UDT points needed for it, and then how many coins to buy it;
    • Don't forget to add the member price as well in another dot.
  • If the dragon doesn't have an UDT egg nor is avaialble at the Store, leave the respective section blank;
  • Example - with UDT:
|Price = 
|Store =
*Regular Price: 200 Gems
*Member Price: 160 Gems
|UDT =
*7,500 UDT: 2,700 Coins
**Member: ? Coins
  • Example - without UDT and no availability in Store:
|Price = 
|Store =
|UDT = 

General Example

|image = 
|Class = 
|Release Date = 
|Availability = 
|Mode Type =
|Stats = 
|Racing =
*Max Speed: 
*Pitch Rate: 
*Turn Rate: 
|Combat =
|Battle =
*Shot Limit: 
*Base Damage: 
*Max Health: 
|Skills = 
|Price = 
|Store =
*Regular Price: 
*Member Price: 
|UDT =


|image = <gallery>
Gronckle Adult.png|Normal
Earthgronk.png|Earth Gronckle
Gronkiel Titan.png|Titan
|Class = Boulder
|Release Date = Unknown
|Availability = Everyone
|Model Type = Original Animation
|Stats = 
|Racing =
*Max Speed: 4.2
*Pitch Rate: 8
*Turn Rate: 10
*Acceleration: 9.7
|Combat = (Lvl.30)
*ATK: 120
*FPR: 213
*MOVE: 3
*CRIT: 150
*HPR: 150
*DEF: 60
|Battle =
*Firepower: 7.1
*Shot Limit: 6
*Base Damage: 15 (Titan: 16)
*Max Health: ? (Lvl.50 Titan: ?)
|Skills = 
|Price = 
|Store =
*Regular Price: 200 Gems
*Member Price: 160 Gems
|UDT =
*7,500 UDT: 2,700 Coins
**Member: 2,400 Coins

results in...

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