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Thawfest Event or simply called Thawfest is a limited time event where players need to gather as many Medals Thawfest medal as possible to receive a wide range of rewards, including an elusive, exclusive Dragon. It was first introduced on May 12th, 2020, on Update 3.8.0 - The Tuneful Spring Update, originally the Event was going to be released on April 1st but due to complications potentially caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was postponed and preponed around 2-3 times until finally settling down on releasing in May.

On May 14th, the event was extended 6 days. Now ending on June 14th, 2020.

How to PlayEdit

The Event is easy to say than done, the purpose is to gather as many Medals as possible before the end of the Event. There's various ways of gathering Medals, which include the main minigames like Thunder Run Racing and Battle Events as well as the return of Daily Quests.


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Thawfest reward ready

Whenever the player reaches the reward's Medal requirement, the reward will be awaiting under the Thawfest Event's menu, symbolized by the glowing Medal icon; the Medal gained won't be exchanged for the prize, instead the Medal progress will remain intact. The rewards vary from Clothing to Battle Equipment, all leading up to the elusive Ghastly Zapplejack Egg, and neither of the rewards can be denied, the player must claim the reward in order to continue (needs checking).

Thawfest event prize list

All Inner-Prizes

There's a total of 11 Prizes to achieve till the Ghastly Zapplejack, ranging from Clothing to Battle Equipment, including an exclusive Eret Thawfest Dragon Armor. Each have their own requirements that increase as the bar goes on and they will be awaiting to be claimed once the requirement has been acheived.

Thawfest event icon Thawfest Event Prizes Thawfest event icon
Thawvent thawfest banner
Thawvent winged gladiator helm
Thawvent race stripe
Thawvent sheep red
Thawfest Banner Winged Gladiator Helm Race Stripe Red Thawfest Sheep
Farm Decoration Battle Equipment - Helmet Appeal - Facial Paint Farm - Animal
100 Thawfest medal 250 Thawfest medal 500 Thawfest medal 750 Thawfest medal
Thawvent thawfest trophies
Thawvent shield of victors
Thawvent rawr helmet
Thawvent eret dragon armor thawfest paint
Thawfest Trophies Shield of Victors Thawfest RAWR! Helmet Eret Thawfest Dragon Armor
Hideout Decoration Battle Equipment - Shield Appeal - Helmet Battle Equipment - Dragon Armor
1000 Thawfest medal 2000 Thawfest medal 3000 Thawfest medal 4000 Thawfest medal
Thawvent competitor
Thawvent lance of legends
Competitor's Shirt Lance of Legend
Battle Equipment - Clothing Battle Equipment - Weapon
6000 Thawfest medal 9000 Thawfest medal
Thawvent unknown toothless armor
Toothless Homecoming Armor
Appeal - Flight Suit
12000 Thawfest medal
Ghastly Zapplejack Egg+Thawfest Skin
Thawvent zapplejack thawfest skin
17000 Thawfest medal

Is it possible to gather enough before the end of the Event (without Gems icon trans)?Edit

The event like the previous ones requires a lot of time investment. To get to the last prize, at 17000 medals, you need to earn 532 Thawfest medal a day for the 32 days (extended) that the event last.

To get them, you should for example follow this daily schedule:

  • 50 on average for daily quests (over 5 days. The sixth may be a cooldown one like the previous events, so you lose this income that day)
  • 50 from the maze
  • 130 from all levels of Dragon Tactics (time consuming, unless you use the “Fast-forword” button)
  • 30? from the Racing tracks
  • 80 every 24h from Stable Missions (for time efficiency, do the 24h mission)
  • 210 from 7 Battle events ended in Gold tier (time consuming, as it spans 6 hours minimum)

But as you can see this is an example that requires hours of play every day, high level dragons and experience in racing.

How to earn more medals? Edit

The above example does not count the daily rewards (for lack of info). Day 1 awards 10 medals (for a total of 50-60 for the duration of the event) day 3 and 4 awards chests, for which we currently have no data on how many medals they give.

Farming: the only animals that give currency are the expensive Thawfest sheep. They all give a rate of 5 medals every hour. The feeding can be sync with battle events, something really convenient.

Spending gems: no surprise. Both spawnable mystery chests that gives medals, and store-only mystery chests that gives items that can be exchanged for medals, require gems to purchase.

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