The Alchemist AKA Heather is one of the professors (and main Secondary Character) in School of Dragons.


Heather is the daughter of Oswald the Agreeable and sister to Dagur the Deranged. She was given a horn by Hooligan chieftain Stoick the Vast. However, she was separated from her family and was taken in by a couple who raised her as their own daughter.

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In the GameEdit

In the game, she's responsible for teaching the students/players about all things in science; including the scientific method, how to perform an experiment, geology, and life science. As one of the professors, she gives the player quests. She can be seen located in front of the Alchemy Lab or inside The Great Hall.

The Rogue Dragon Rider Edit

Inspired by Heather's actions in Race to the Edge: Season 1, Heather appears as a mysterious Rogue Dragon Rider in the expansion Call of the Deathsong. She appears for the first time with this alias in the quest The Mystery of Sven's Farm, helping the player in dangerous situations. Only later in the expansion's quest flow, her identitity will be revealed.

Battle for the Edge Edit

In this expansion we can see how Heather is conflicted between her duties as the school's alchemist, and her desire to help the Dragon Riders at Dragon's Edge against the Dragon Hunters. This can be seen in the quest The Hunter in the Blizzard.

As she was previously an ally of the Dragon Hunters (as seen in the series Race to the Edge, season 2), she thinks she can help defeat them, as she noted down their defenses and ways in a book. [src]


  • Strangely enough, it's never explained how did Heather became an alchemist;
    • Comparing the confirmed story and timeline from the Series and from School of Dragons', there's no connection between the two, instead, there's a large plot hole.
    • However, School of Dragons can be considered as an "Alternative Universe" and not used to connect with the official storyline.

History Edit


Katrina the Curious before an unknown update

The Alchemist used to be Katrina the Curious, until 20th of September, 2013 as a part of the v5.4, it changed into Heather.

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