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Snotlout: "[You Viking's name]! You're just the Viking I was hoping to see.

I'm starting to settle in to Snotlout's Sentry Station. You remember my island, right? It's where I settled in to spot dangerous ships as they sail to Berk. You helped me set up the telescope there and... well, we looked at some really beautiful stars. It was kinda amazing.

Anyway! I'm starting to really make the place my own. I want some awesome decorations to liven up the place. I remembered this awesome statue of Thor I made several years ago and I'm trying to find it!

Can you help me look for the Thor statue? We left it at Mildew's house, but I think the cranky old man dumped it off in the ocean somewhere. We'll have to explore the sea to try to find it. Good luck!"

1- Find the statue of Thor in the ocean [at Open Sea]

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!: "You should go back to Snotlout and tell him where to find the Thor statue."

2- Tell Snotlout where to find the statue

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Snotlout: "Wow, you're a fast worker. It would have taken me nearly as long to find it.

I'll round up the dragons to move my statue to the Sentry Station. Will you meet me at my island? It's going to be a beautiful sight!"

3- Go to Snotlout's Sentry Station

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Fishlegs: "Snotlout, what are you doing? Have you forgotten what happened the last time we had this statue in Berk? It was... not good. In fact, I would categorize the event as "catastrophic"."

[clip from the Riders of Berk series, episode When Lightning Strikes]

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Snotlout: "I thought we agreed that it was all Toothless's fault and not mine! I know that Thor was mad at us before, but he can't still be mad at the thing. Besides, I put a lot of hard work into this beautiful statue. It would be a shame to have it go to waste.

[Your Viking's name] knows what I'm talking about. Come closer to the statue, [your Viking's name]! There's nothing to fear!"

4- Stand next to Fishlegs


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Fishlegs: "Whoa! That was close. That poor sheep got the shock of his life. Not only that, you almost broke the telescope again, Snotlout!"

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Snotlout: "Umm. Okay, maybe Thor holds grudges. I don't know if I can fix this on my own... Help!

Can you figure out a solution with Heather's help? You twoo seem to somehow figure out the right answer in the Lab. Maybe you can do something here! Come on, you don't want the telescope to get damaged, do you?"

5- Talk to Heather about the problem

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Heather: "Wow, it sounds like Snotlout is in a shocking situation! His problem come from electricity, a basic part of nature. It's one of the forms of energy like heat, light, sound and motion.

Have you ever shuffled your feet on a yak hair rug and then touched something metal and been shocked? That is static electricity. Lightning is like that, but on a much larger scale.

A lightning bolt is a powerful blast or current of electricity that comes from thunderclouds towards the ground! This electrical energy won't stay in on place. It will always try to flow from object to object in an electric current.

When the lightning hits the metal Thor statue, the metal conducts the lightning - or in other words, the metal lets the energy surge through it to the next object!

That's how the lightning moved from the statue to the poor, unfortunate sheep and shocked him. it's lucky the sheep was there, or the telescope could've been fried to pieces!

If we want to make the land around th statue safe, we need to make sure that th electricity can't be conducted to other nearby objects. Things that allow electricity to pass through it are called conductors, and things that slow electricity down or stop it are called insulators. We need some insulators!

Let's gather a few items so that we can test this in the Lab. can you chop 6 wood logs from the Wilderness, get glass from Fishlegs, and ask Mulch for his silver?"

6- Collect 6 wood logs from the Wilderness

7- Ask Mulch for his silver

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Mulch: "I'd love to help you but there's a small problem. Bucket was trying out one of his silly theories. He threw the silver into the lake at the school because he thought fish would like the way light reflects off it. He's such a goofy Viking!

You can use the silver in your experiment if you can find it."

8- Find Mulch's silver

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Mulch: "You found it, lad/lassie!"

9- Talk to Fishlegs about glass

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Fishlegs: "Oh ho! Heather is on the scent of another scientific discovery, eh? I'd love to pitch in and help! Here, have some glass for your experiment. meatlug just made it this morning!"

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Heather: "We're close, but I think we might be missing something. I was talking to Johann earlier and he told me about some strange material he acquired in a far off land. He told me that it might have some intersting qualities that should be in our test.

I think it's worth investigating it. Can you talk to him and see if you can get a piece of the material for our experiment?"

10- Talk to Johann about his foreign material

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Johann the Trader: "Ah, another customer! I'm glad Heather told you about my latest haul. I'm quite excited by it, you see. I braved the dangerous western seas at great peril to myself to find wondrous new items.

It was not easy, but I convinced the locals to part with one of their greatest natural treasures; rubber!

I would happily part with my newfound treasure, but I need something valuable in return. After all, it came to me at quite a hefty price! I need to recoup the expenses of my trying trip across the ocean.

My supply of Monstrous Nightmare gel is running perilously low. I would love to trade you my rubber if you can get me some of Snotlout's wonderful concotion!"

11- Talk to Snotlout at the Lookout

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Snotlout: "Monstrous Nightmare gel? You've come to ther right source! I have the best Mosntrous Nightmare in the archipelago.

Normally I'd have to charge a hefty fee for Hookfang's gel, but I'll waive it this time since you're helping me out. Tap on my dragon and mount him."

12- Click on Hookfang and mount him

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Snotlout: "My dragon needs to get a good sweat going before he'll make more Monstrous Nightmare gel. You'll need to put him through his paces.

have you ever done the canyon run at the Lookout? A lot of students do time trials through the canyon because you can do a lot of good, twisty aerials inside. Why don't you fly through the area? make sure to grab all the flares along the way to do a proper canyon run!"

13- Follow the flares and fly through the canyon

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Snotlout: "Wow, he really likes you. He usually drops me twice during the Lookout canyon run. What are you doing differently? "

[item: 1 Monstrous Nightmare Gel]

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Snotlout: "There! We worked Hookfang up into a lather and got him covered in his gel again. This should be enough to trade for your rubber. Keep the jar of gel away from fire and give it to Johann!"

14- Give Johann the Monstrous Nightmare gel

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Johann the Trader: "Wonderful! This fantastic gooey salve will fetch a pretty price in a town that does not have a friendly relationship with dragons. You have never let me down, my friend. Please, take my stash of rubber! You've earned it."

[item: 1 Rubber]

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Heather: "The interesting thing is that each material affects the flow of electricity at different levels. Some items are better insulators than others, and some items are better conductors! This is called electrical resistance; the higher the resistance, the more the item stops electricity. The resistance is measured in ohms.

Talk to me to make a hypothesis on what will have the greatest ohms. "

15- Make a Hypothesis
The Almighty Thor hypot

Heather icon

Heather: "That's an interesting hypothesis! I can't wait to test it with you.

We can test the ohms of the items we gathered by using a tool called an ohmmeter. Let's go into the lab."

16- Go into the lab

Lab 1 - Pull the ohmmeter out of the bag, place glass on the tool, and shoot lightning on it.

Open the satchel and select the ohm meter.
Conductors are materials that electricity flows through easily.
Insulators are materials that block the flow of electricity.
This meter will move from the left at position 0 (no conductivity) to the right position 6 (high conductivity).
The electricity from the dragon will flow through the material to the meter and it will show which items are conductors and which are insulators.
Place the Glass on the plate.
Tap the fire button so the skrill will shoot electricity onto the item.
The glass was somewhat insulative. Try another material.
Tap the Reset button.
Lab 2 - Pull the ohmmeter out of the bag, place wood on the tool, and shoot lightning on it.
The wood was the most insulative. Try another material.
Lab 3 - Pull the ohmmeter out of the bag, place rubber on the tool, and shoot lightning on it.
The rubber was the most insulative. Try another material.
Lab 4 - Pull the ohmmeter out of the bag, place silver on the tool, and shoot lightning on it.
The silver was the most conductive to electricity.

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Heather: "Interesting! Rubber is an excellent insulator because electric current can't flow freely through it! We also found out that metals seem to be great conductors.

Please give Snotlout the rubber! You'll find him at Snotlout's Sentry Station."

17- Go to Snotlout's Sentry Station and give the rubber to Snotlout


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Snotlout: "Whew, just in the nick of time! This weird little thing protected Snotlout's Sentry Station from the wrath of Thor. Thanks [your Viking's name]!"

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