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Headmaster: "[your Viking's name], you're going to be a very busy Viking. It serves you right for being instrumental in the adventure to Dragon Island. Hah! Hiccup has someone he'd like you to meet in front of the Great Hall at Berk."

1-Go to Hiccup's House at Berk

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Hiccup: "Hey! You know, we rescued that egg from harald in a whirlwind of adventure and things haven't slowed down. This little guy hasn't stopped growing ever since he hatched. Well, maybe I shouldn't call him 'little'."

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Valka: "I don't recognize this dragon species, but he's clearly a Tidal Class dragon. I believe he may one day grow to be a gigantic Class 10 Leviathan, just like the Bewilderbeast! We'll learn so much as he grows and claims his birthright power...

It's going to be ok, my dear. Don't fret... we're here for you. [Your Viking's name], pet the baby leviathan and help me soothe him."

2-Click on the baby Leviathan

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Hiccup: "I just wish I could make him feel better. We've given him water and dragon nip, and Toothless even played with him under the waterfall. Nothing's worked! He keeps making that heartbreaking noise...

Well, we're not going to figure anything if we just stand around here. Hmmm... I don't remember seeing this little guy in the Book of Dragons, but it's been a while since I cracked the book open. Will you go to the Great Hall and look for it?"

3-Look for the Book of Dragons in the Great Hall

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Astrid: "Oh, the little guy followed you here! He must like you. Thanks for helping. I can't find anything in the Book of Dragons that look remotely like our baby leviathan. We've discovered a new dragon!

Fishlegs must be ecstatic, but we need to know more if we want to help. Can you help Fishlegs with the Bork papers? He's stuck upstairs with that mess."

4-Talk to Fishlegs upstairs in the Great Hall

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Fishlegs: "What a rare treat! Have you ever dug into the Bork Papers? It contains all the interesting dragon research Bork didn't put into the Book of Dragons. Frankly, it's fascinating.

I haven't found anything yet... but don't worry! I still have yards of parchment to cover. Shoot, I let the light go out. Can you click on the candle and light it again?"

5-Click on the candles to ignite them

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "Odin's eye - it's a secret message! He must have hidden knowledge in invisible ink!

Bork must have written this message with lemon juice ink. You see, lemon juice is more acidic than the parchment. The acid weakened the parchment where it dried. That part of the parchment turns brown before the rest of the parchment when it's exposed to heat!

Ohh, I wonder what was so important that Bork had to hide it. Click on the Bork papers!"

6-Click on the Bork Papers

Fishlegs icon

Fishlegs: "This is our leviathan, all right! Let's see... "The Luminous Krayfin thrives in a humid habitat and must feed on the Dragon Bloom, a most dangerous flower. Only then can it become a leviathan. Extremely dangerous. Pray you never see this monster on the seas." (sic)

'Monster.' His views on dragons are rooted in his time, and - to put it bluntly - they're wrong. Still, his knowledge of dragons was excellent."

[The twins pull a prank and make the dragons run away]

Astrid icon

Astrid: "Ugh, you two are ridicoulous. Uh-oh. [Your Viking's name], do you see the Krayfin anywhere? Quick, we need to find him! Let's get to Berk right away!"

7-Look for the baby Leviathan at Berk

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Valka: "I've gotten so used to ignoring the Thorstons that I didn't even turn around when I heard the commotion... I didn't see the leviathan. 'Luminous Krayfin'? What a gorgeous name! It suits such a majestic dragon.

He's still young and defenseless. We need to protect him! Cloudjumper and I will look for him. Please, talk to the Vikings at Berk and see if they spotted our Krayfin."

8-Talk to Gobber about the baby Leviathan

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Gobber: "Sure, I saw that baby leviathan come out of the Great Hall, flying towards that waterfall below us like he was being chased! The little tyke must have wanted to get his fins wet after all that noise."

9-Look for the baby Leviathan at the waterfall in Berk

! icon

!: "You can't see any trace of the baby leviathan at the waterfall. Maybe he went elsewhere?"

10-Talk to Ruffnut in Berk

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Ruffnut: "Nope, no luck. Uhm, I'm sorry. We didn't expect he'd run away; total egg on our faces."

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Valka: "We can't see him anywhere. He must be a fast swimmer; no surprise, considering he is a Tidal Class dragon. We'll need to try something new if we want to track the Krayfin. Will you ask my son if he has any ideas?"

11-Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "I have an idea! If we can't find him with our eyes, maybe we can use another one of our senses. I have just the invention that we can use to--

I can't go with you, [your Viking's name]. There's an emissary here from the island of Nephente, and I need to help him as the chief of Berk.

You've proven your skills many times over in our adventures together, but I'd feel better if you had some additional help. Will you gather some allies to help you out in this journey?"

12-Talk to Astrid about helping out

Astrid icon

Astrid: "I'm sorry. Someone needs to make sure Hiccup doesn't bite off more than he can chew. I know! You should ask some of my students, the 'A Team', to see if they can help."

13-Talk to the Botanist about helping out

Phlegma icon

Phlegma: "Don't fret. I am not letting one of my students head into danger without backup. My strength is yours."

14-Talk to the Archaeologist about helping out

Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "If I've learned anything since my return to Berk, it's that [your Viking's name] will always lead me all over the map for the grandest adventures.

Hah! Excuse my babbling. I'm with you to the edge of the world, my friend. Let's go find our missing dragon!"

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Okay, I think this invention will do the job! Remember that sad noise the leviathan was making earlier today? It's terrible that the dragon felt ill, but we can use that to our advantage.

I made the Storm Ear after the success of my previous invention, the Thunder Ear. Come to me and I'll show you how to use it!"

15-Talk to Hiccup about the Storm Ear

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Hiccup: "You may think of sound as something that just reaches your ear, but that's not quite true. Sound is a type of energy made by vibrations. When any object vibrates, it causes movement in the air particles. These particles also move as a sound wave, causing other particles next to it to move too. The sound wave continues until it runs out of energy. When this sound wave hits your inner ear, your inner ear vibrates along with that frequency. That's how you can hear he sound!

The Storm Ear has a tuning fork at the center of it that is crucial to the invention. Tuning forks are amazing instruments that can always produce the same pitch (or sound). Whenever a sound wave of that specific speed of vibration (or frequency) hits the tuning fork, it starts vibrating! This means that if we move the Storm Ear's listening device around, we'll be able to pinpoint what direction the sound is coming from... and follow the leviathan! This tuning fork is set to the same frequency as the baby leviathan. Click on the Storm Ear and let's see it in action!"

16-Click on the Storm Ear

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Great! It's working just as intended. I's resonating at the same frequency as the leviathan's distress call; this will lead you right to the dragon!

A lot is riding on your shoulders. The Krayfin may be as large as a Broad Wing dragon but it hasn't been long since he hatched. We need to protect him. And, if we can help him grow into a Class 10 Leviathan? That... would change everything.

A lot is riding on your shoulders, [your Vinking's name], but I have faith in you. Now - use the Storm Ear to follow the Krayfin. And... good luck."

17-Follow the sound to the Baby Leviathan

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