Phlegma the Fierce, a.k.a. The Botanist, is one of the professors at the School of Dragons. It used to be Flora May until 20th of September, 2013 as a part of the v5.4.


She's a tough Viking woman whose proved herself in battles many times over. Despite all that, she's a truly caring person and wishes to see all of her friends succeed. She's always had a green thumb and when the School of Dragons opened its doors, she jumped at the chance to teach there.

In The GameEdit

She has a very important role in the game by providing food for all of the new students and their dragons. She's responible for the Greenhouse and teaching the player to farm in the game. As a professor, she's responsible for teaching the player all about the environment and ecology inside of the game. She also send the player off on quests.

The Botanist can be found:

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Plegma the Fierce new Botinast


Flora May the Botanist before an unknown update


  • Funnily enough, Phlegma is a background character that made a few appearances in both the Series and in the movies;
  • In HTTYD2, after Drago's Bewilderbeast got defeated, we can see Phlegma hugging her Gronckle.
  • In the quest Impossible Island? of The Secret of the Leviathan expansion pack, Phlegma rides a Snapptrapper she calls "Snappy". It's the first time we see she owns a dragon in the game