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Snotlout: "Finally! I've been waiting for this, the redemption arc, all year long! I know, I know. Everyone says this time of the year is for 'festive cheer' and 'togetherness' but that's not so for Snotlout. It's all about winning! Last year, everyone got together for a few matches of Dragon Tactics... without. Me. This won't do! Talk to Fishlegs and make sure I'm not left out this time, yeah?"

1- Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "I'll... believe him, but that's not how I remember the events of last year. I was really sad because I felt like we were all rushing about without appreciating the holidays. Then you and Astrid and everyone got together to celebrate as one whole village and made it the best Snoggletog ever. Thank you so much for helping out, too. You really brightened my day.

To be clear: I'm not calling Snotlout a liar here! (He tells enough lies on his own without me embellishing on him.) I just don't remember anything like that.

The person you should really be asking is Astrid! I'm sure she has detailed notes on every dragon drill and tactics test she's ever made us do. She can tell you what Snotlout is muttering about. She was setting up the arena towards Sven's farm for future matches."

2- Talk to Astrid

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Astrid: "How could I forget? Those exercises are seared into my brain, and Stormfly really loved taking part in them. I think it was the perfect way to ring in the holidays: much better received than my infamous yaknog, at least. I don't know why; Hiccup even begged me to stop making them after the third year!

Oops! I got a little off-topic there, didn't I? I guess I'm still a little obsessed with my innovative recipe. Let's see...
Last year, we set up a few sparring partners with Hiccup's contraptions within it to give us a little challenge. Then we cheered Fishlegs up and rounded it off with a series of fun fighting exercises.

So Snotlout wants to be a part of it this time, hm? I bet I could whip something together if he wants. Stormfly, do you think you'd want to stretch your wings and practice your spine attacks? [Your Viking's name], you should click on her head and give her a few strokes along the side of her face. You can talk her into anything if you do that."

3- Click on Stormfly
[Stormfly stands up]

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Astrid: "I guess Stormfly gave us the answer, huh? As you wish, my lady. Let's go into the Dragon Tactics hut and get a little warmed up!"

4- Enter the Dragon Tactics Battle Complete Level 1: Astrid Training (Snoggletog 2018 tab)

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Astrid: "Whoo! There's nothing quite like practicing a pincer maneuver to raise a good workout.

That was so fun. I'll reset the arena and get the place ready for Snotlout. Can you let him know that we'll be ready for his grand entrance when he makes his way over here?"

5- Talk to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "All right! Now I'm ready for my grand entrance. Hookfang and I will break through all the records you weaklings have set in the arena!

(No records? What do you mean, no records? Why would you even do Dragon Tactics if you aren't trying to get the highest score?)
Well, it'll still be worth the effort. Let's go do some Dragon Tactics. SNOTLOUT SNOTLOUT!"

6- Enter the Dragon Tactics Battle Complete Level 2: OY OY OY (Snoggletog 2018 tab)

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Snotlout: "Got'em! What a rush!
I knew Astrid wouldn't set this up for a guy like me, so I used you to get me a shot at the spotlight. Thanks, [your Viking's name]. This was the perfect way to spend Snoggletog!"

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Astrid: "All right, Snotlout! We'll have to get everyone involved in the fun, now that we have the arena set up. Can you talk to Hiccup and see if he wants to take a turn at Dragon Tactics?"

7- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Hey! I'm really happy to see everyone having fun and working together. That's really the spirit of Snoggletog, you know: being together. I still have a few problems that need to be handled right away, but I'm sure I'll join you at Dragon Tactics soon enough! I'm sure Astrid has a few more scenarios that will challenge you. Have fun!"

The last 2 levels of Dragon Tactics are now unlocked.

Note Edit

This quest was introduced on 20th November 2018. It refers to previous Snoggletog's limited quests: That Time of Year, Pt I and following.

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