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Fishlegs: "Thank Thor you're here, [Your Viking's Name]. Please help me out! Ruffnut and Tuffnut are bickering with each other. They just won't stop yelling and they're hurting poor Meatlug's ears! She's very sensitive, you know. Can you help them solve the argument so that they can give my Gronckle some peace and quiet?"

1- Talk to Ruffnut

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Ruffnut: "Don't talk to me about my thieving brother. He's the one that's stealing my precious water. What kind of monster steals water from their own twin's bucket?"

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Tuffnut: "Just because my water was better than hers doesn't mean she can just throw it out when I'm not paying attention. I wasn't paying attention all night and all day, so she had plenty of time to throw the Thorston water out!

My special Thorston water was in my bucket at the top of the stairs to the Great Hall. Go there and grab the bucket, [Your Viking's Name]."

2- Find the Thorston buckets

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Ruffnut: "See? My bucket is bone dry. This water thievery is a disgrace to the good Thorston name!"

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Fishlegs: "Oh, Odin! This is just getting worse and worse. Can you ask the Botanist for help? Maybe she can put an end to this fight."

3- Talk to the Botanist about the water

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Phlegma: "Say no more, student! I know exactly what happened. The water evaporated out of their buckets.

You see, there's only so much water in the world, and it needs to be used and reformed and used again over and over by every person, animal, and plant. It changes states from water to vapor and back again through a process called the water cycle.

I can show it to you in action! First, let's recreate the situation that the twins were in earlier today. We can grab a bucket full of water from the waters at the Lookout."

4- Fill the bucket with water

[You actually need to go to the School lake]

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Phlegma: "Bring the water to me, [Your Viking's Name]."

5- Bring the water back to Phlegma (at the School)

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Phlegma: "Here! I placed the bucket above this campfire. Can you tell [Your Dragon's Name] to shoot the campfire and turn up the heat?"

6- Shoot the campfire

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Phlegma: "The heat caused the water to change forms into a gaseous state! This is called evaporation, and it is the first step of the water cycle. The heat from the sun turns water in glaciers, lakes, streams, and oceans into water vapor. The invisible vapor is lighter than air, so it rises up and goes into the air.

It's not just water from rivers, lakes, and oceans that evaporate. Vikings like us sweat and plants transpire (or loose water out of their leaves). That moisture also rises up into the air and turns into water vapor.

Fly up to Gothi's hut and see the water vapor gathering!"

7- Fly up to Gothi's Hut

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Phlegma: "You see those clouds? They're made up of water vapor that rose up. The air gets colder and colder as it gets higher. Vapor turns back into water when the temperature drops and condenses into clouds. This process is a part of the water cycle, and is called condensation.

Get closer to the clouds and you'll see what I mean!"

8- Get closer to the clouds

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Phlegma: "These tiny droplets of water fall back down to the ground when they combine into larger, heavier drops that can no longer float in the air. The water returns to the ground in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. This part of the cycle is called precipitation.

There's a final part of the water cycle. Come back down to Berk, [Your Viking's Name], and meet me by the waterfall at the beach."

9- Look at the waterfall in Berk

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Phlegma: "The last phase of the water cycle is called collection. The rain or snow starts collecting in rivers, streams, oceans, and lakes to end back up on the ground. This water is available again until it evaporates and the water cycle begins anew.

Well, I hope you understand the water cycle! I'll leave it ti you to do the harder task" convincing the twins of the truth! Ha ha. Go back and tell Tuffnut that he shouldn't leave his buckets of water out in the sun unless he wants the water to evaporate!"

10- Talk to Tuffnut

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Tuffnut: "So ... if I understand Phlegma correctly, the sun stole the precious Thorston water! That fiend! I'll have to teach the sun a lesson in Viking toughness. No one steals from Tuffnut, not even the sun!"

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Ruffnut: "You're right. Now, if we can just figure out how to throw rocks that high in the sky ... We'll need a Thorston Plan, brother"

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Fishlegs: "Oh thank Thor! I guess it's too much to ask for the twins to be quiet. At least they changed topics. You're a lifesaver, [Your Viking's Name]."

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