The Headmaster is one of School of Dragons' original and the first original character in the game. He's both located at The School and in the Great Hall.


Being an ex-dragon slayer, Heyral is an old, tough, bulk, muscular Viking, possibly around the 50-60s.



The Headmaster was known as Heyral the Bloodthirsty in his younger years, being a barbarian Viking defending Berk from dragons, he defeated countless dragons, even going as far as some claiming him in putting great fear in them, making them fly away as soon as he was in their sight. He was also quite smart as he used his knowledge about the dragons' strengths, weakness and biology to his advantage, taking them down easily.

But, on one of the multiple seafarings in search of the dragons' nest, he once again came home empty-handed but his career ended for unknown reasons. Heyral never told what happened for his career to suddenly end but Vikings rumored that he found a Deadly Nadder nest full of hatchlings but he couldn't put an end to their lives, despite those very innocent hatchlings eventually grow to become his very mortal enemy. He felt so ashamed for not bringing himself to kill them, the moment he came back to home, he laid his axe down and retired.

Years later, when he thought he was going to be retired for the rest of his life, Hiccup's discovery about how instead of killing them, they could train them and finally bring peace between Vikings and Dragons, Heyral's interest in dragons came back and he used his knowledge about dragons for the good, and with his knowledge, it made him a top candidate as the School of Dragons' Headmaster.


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In the GameEdit

As the Headmaster, he's responsible for all of the students at the school. He provides crucial information to new students and assigns quests. During his tenure as the Headmaster, Heyral hopes to instill his same love of knowledge and eagerness to learn into the new students. The Headmaster is also the starting point of all the Expansion Packs. He can be found in front of the School Gates and inside The Great Hall.

In Icestorm Island, Heyral takes up an interest in the Speed Stingers.

He's also the one that controls the Chat in case the player says symbols, inappropriate words and/or numbers (abbreviated and unabbreviated). However, because of the exaggerating security on the Chats, players end up in making a new vocabulary to say numbers (1,000 is I O O O; Three is tree, ect).

Trivia Edit

  • Back in 2013, it was said that Spitelout was going to be The Headmaster. He was soon replaced by Heyral.

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