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Archaeologist: "What a ride, my friend! I'm not accustomed to that speed quite yet. Give me a moment to recover, then we can take a look at the interesting geological feature you mentioned. Take another look at that smoke pillar in the water."

1- Take another look at the smoke pillar in the water

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Archaeologist: "Ah! This is a hydrothermal vent. They're found in areas where volcanic activity is strong. The magma under the earth is pushing out here and releasing lots of chemicals into the water and air.

That column of smoke is what's known as a black smoker... and it's releasing high levels of sulfur-bearing materials.

Our alchemic friend Heather determined that the fog was made out of sulfur dioide. These vents could be the source of our fog!

Why are the vents so active now? They've always been there, but the fog has never been such a problem before. Perhaps there is something terrible going on inside the volcano.

It's not usually my style to go into danger headfirst... but this is very important. Can you please click on me and take me to the tunnel that leads inside the mountain?"

2- Click on Skulder and lead him to the entrance of the cave

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Archaeologist: "It's odd walking on this island. I'm used to dealing with sedimentary rocks from other islands. When minerals, dead plants and animals erode due to time and weather, they become sediment. This dust like material is carried by water, air, or ice into a single place.

More minerals and other materials cover the sediment, putting a lot of weight and pressure onto it. Over time, the sediment turns into sedimentary rocks.

Wait. What was that? Who's there?!"

[animation of Harald coming out from behind a rock]

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Archaeologist: "You!

Step away from the foul fiendish freebooter, everyone. I'm going to throw my showel at him!"

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Hiccup: "Well, well, well. Harald, you really gave us the runaround but we finally caught you. Play nice; the last thing you want to do is face an angry Night Fury."

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Harald Forkbeard: "I've been stranded here for days and my boat is already at the bottom of the ocean. have a bit of sympathy, lads and lassies. I'll willingly submit to wichever punishment you have in mind if you can take me off the island. Please, [your Viking's name], talk to me! I'm sure you can help me convince our friends."

3- Talk to Harald

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Harald Forkbeard: "Look mate, I'm sorry about what happened but business is business. This may sound strange, ,but it's really good to see you. My compass broke, my ship sank, and I haven't seen a single soul ever since I sent out my pet Leopold for help.

I overheard you talking about going inside the volcano, but trust me. We need to get out of here. There's something... bad inside that volcano."

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Hiccup: "Thank you so much for the 'helpful advice', Harald. But I think we'll make up our own minds about where we go. At least if you don't have a ship, I can keep a close eye on you from now on.

We need to go inside and see if there really is something wrong with the inside of the volcano! Harald is probably trying to trick us somehow. Let's head inside that tunnel that my dad made."

4- Enter the tunnel into the volcano

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Archaeologist: "Wow, it's hot in here. We're inside a lava tube! When a volcano erupts, sometimes the lava creates a tunnel as it pushes through soft rock on its way to the surface. Then, this tunnel is used as a pipe for lava during the eruptions that follow. It's the quickest way that lava can leave a volcano!

These rock formations on that wall are exactly what I was looking for. Step over here and take a look!"

5- Examine the rock formations on the wall

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Archaeologist: "If you look close, you can see that the rock formations show multiple layers of different rock. The layer closest to the outside is igneous rock. Lava cools down to form this hard and coarse rock. The layer just below the igneous rock looks smoother, right? It's because that layer is a completely different type of rock.

Over time, more lava cools down on top of the igneous rock and creates a new layer of rock over it. The pressure from the layer on top of it and the heat from the magma exert a lot of force onto the igneous rock and change its shape. It gets smaller and more compact, and forms a new type of rock called metamorphic rock.

The placement of these layers created the island around the volcano over the course of many years!"

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Hiccup: "Well, everything looks good in here; we're going to have to explore a little deeper to be sure. Follow this tunnel and see if you can get a better look. But be careful where you step-- I mean, we're still inside a volcano!"

6- Explore deeper inside the volcano

[animation of the Green Death sleeping]

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Hiccup: "WHOA! I mean... whoa. Could you, err... quietly walk back outside... before the giant dragon wakes up?"

7- Sneak outside without waking the Green Death

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Hiccup: "Oh thank Thor we made it. That can't be a Red Death... but I didn't want to risk making it mad. Was it just me, or did it have green scales?"

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Harald Forkbeard: "Well, well, well. You know, I didn't want to say 'I told you so', but... Wait. Actually, I did and I will. I told you so!"


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