The Hidden World is the eighth Expansion Pack in School of Dragons. It was released on February 21, 2019, as part of version 3.0, with a price of 1250 Gems icon trans.

The Hidden World was released along with the third and final film of the franchise: How to Train Your Dragon: the Hidden World, and it serves as a continuation to Wrath of Stormheart.

The Expansion is placed at the same time as the facts that occur in the movie.

Basic Plot Edit

"Gear up Vikings! It's time to venture deeper into the School of Dragon as unknown lands have been discovered underneath the school grounds, leading Dragon Riders into countless adventures with the ALL-NEW Hidden World Update!

Hiccup has grown into his role of Chief and is as busy as ever protecting the School grounds from threats looming in the horizon, including the arrival of Grimmel! Vikings will need to join the Dragon Trainers to defend the campus from this new enemy, and possibly ally themselves with former foes. All while exploring the newly discovered glittering Hidden World annex."[src] 

What You Get Edit

Locations Edit

The hidden world icon Quests Edit

Snod the sneak
Shh! Careful, this may contain spoilers!
The first quest of the Expansion, Hidden World! is free for all players.

Hidden World!
The Problem With Warlords
Home Sweet New Home
Where Do We Go From Here?
What Is This Place?
A Small Problem
Against a Bully
The Warlord Camp
Did It Work?
The Stormheart Conundrum
Throwing the First Punch
Defending Our Home
The Fate of the Hidden World

Known glitches Edit

• Crashing may occur after completing the first Dragon Tactics level.


  • For unknown reasons, the Startup The Hidden World ad is a bit squashed than usual in the game's assets.
Startup thw ad
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