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Eret: "[Your Viking's name]! Snod got the riddle to you, didn't he? That little sneak. I'm so glad you pieced together the clues. I happened to be in the area when I saw you fly overhead; I said to myself, "Well, son of Eret, don't you think [your Viking's name] would have a good idea of where this thign could be? And lo and behold, you didn't disappoint! Can you come down and talk to me on my ship?"

1- Talk to Eret

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Eret: "Fishlegs had to find a key to the last chest, right? He's not here right now, so I suppose you and I will have to do. Put two hard working VIking heads together, like ours, and I'm sure we can rival the knowledge stored in that big brain of his!

Now, now. If I were an ancient treasure key, where would I be hiding?
The riddle mentioned a cliff, I think. Maybe that'll be a good place to start..."

2- Look for the 'cliffside'

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Eret: "Ah! Good eye, mate. It looks like this might get tricky; those adults are going to be wary with their young so close to those keys. You're gonna need to be move slowly and carefully so that you won't startle them. You can do it!"

3- Get the key without disturbing the Hobblegrunts
Item chest key

Chest Key

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Eret: "I had no doubt you could get it, my friend. Come back here to the chest and we'll get things going!"

4- Go back to the chest

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Eret: "Moment of truth, [your Viking's name]: is this a goose chase or another successful treasure hunt? There's only one way to find out. Fly back up and tap on the chest; if we've found the right one, it'll open right up."

5- Click/Tap on the chest
Item shattered handle

Shattered Handle

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Eret: "Ah-ha! Another piece!
I'm thrilled! Our hard work is bearing fruit, partner. I'll remember this moment when it gets tough while I'm on the hunt for the next piece. Don't worry; those Dragon Hunters don't have a chance while Eret is on the case!"

[item: 1 Shattered Handle]

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