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Astrid: "Heather needs your help! Can you go to Glacier Island? I'll go to Dark Deep and send the Prickleboggle to help, just in case you need the backup."

1- Find Heather at Glacier Island

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Heather: "Hey [your Viking's name]. I was wracking my brain to find any advantages we could hold over the Draogn Hunters, and I remembered my book of notes. It held a lot of insight on the Dragon Hunter defenses and ways, and I just can't find it! So I thought maybe I dropped it on this island.

That's when I found out that we have another problem on our hands. Do you remember the Snow Wraith? Well, he's in trouble. I'll show you what I mean. Click on me and I will lead you to his home."

2- Click on Heather and follow her to the Snow Wraith cave

[the following dialogue will appear as you walk behind Heather]

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Heather: "Bad memories, from the last time I was here.

These Dragon Hunters are really scary.

We can't underestimate them."

[the following dialogue presents this note on a side

Editor's note: These thrilling adventures took place in Call of the Death Song!]

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!: "These are Speed Stinger footprints. They're a really aggressive species that brings a lot of trouble. Judging by the patterns, it looks like there was a vicious fight here, doesn't it?

The Speed Stingers migrate from place to place often, though I'm not sure why. Maybe they're searching for new prey?

Wherever they arrive, they are an invasive species; they can disrupt the ecosystem by taking food out of the ecosystem and wrecking the food chain. We saw how damaging an invasive species could be when we faced the Death Song at Berk."

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Heather: "I hope the Snow Wraith wasn't badly injured in his fight with the Speed Stingers. I know that he's tried to attack us in the past, but it was in his nature to protect his territory. I don't hold it against him!

Will you check out the cave and see if he's okay?"

3- Look for the Snow Wraith in the cave - carefully

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Heather: "He's not here. Where could he be?

Let's look for the Snow Wraith. This might be really difficult; since the Snow Wraith uses camouflage to blend in with the surroundings. He'll be really hard to spot."

4- Look for the Snow Wraith on Glacier Island

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Heather: "Of course we'd find the Snow Wraith and my book in the same place. Just my luck...

No matter. I'll bring the Prickleboggle to you, and we'll see if we can improve the Snow Wraith's mood."

! icon

!: "The Prickleboggle looks ready to help. You should click on it and mount it."

5- Click on the Prickleboggle and mount him

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Heather: "We don't want to spook the Snow Wraith with any more people than necessary. After all, wounded animals don't tend to do wee being approached.

I'll stay out here while you go in and shoot the Snow Wraith with the Prickleboggle's healing shot, but remember not to get too close! "

6- Shoot the Snow Wraith with Prickleboggle's healing shot

! icon

!: "The healing blast seems to have done the trick- The Snow Wraith looks much more comfortable now."

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Heather: "Slowly-don't startle the dragon- pick up my book, please. "

7- Grab Heather's book
Item heather s book

Heather's Book

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Heather: "Good! Let's leave the Snow Wraith in peace and give it some room. Would you come out here and give me the book?"

8- Give the book to Heather

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Heather: "Thank you. I wouldn't have gotten this back without you and the Prickleboggle. I'll read it again and see if there are any hints inside that would help us fight the Dragon Hunters.

It was really hard to find the Snow Wraith because it has a special color on its skin to blend in with the environment. This is called camouflage. The Snow Wraith uses it to sneak up on prey and hide from predators.

Can we do something like that to help base defensees at Dragon's Edge? Talk to Hiccup at Dragon's Edge and see if there's anything to be done."

9- Talk to Hiccup at Dragon's Edge

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Hiccup: "That's a neat idea!

We should do that to disguise our base defenses, too! To make effective camouflage, we need to make sure the catapults blends into the environment. We have two catapults up at the base right now. One is on the rocky cliff, and one sits near the tree line.

I need you to find things to help the catapult look like the rest of the tree line. Hobblegrunt Island had some trees that looked similar to the ones here. Can you look for some branches there so that we can leave the tree line at this island intact? Thanks!"

10- Gather foliage on Hobblegrunt Island (3)
Item Foliage


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Heather: "Hiccup told me you came here to gather some items for camouflage on our catapults.

This was where you fought off the Dragon Hunter, right? I... I should have been there with you guys. You could have used the extra firepower to fight off those ships.

I shouldn't dwell on the past. I need to figure out what I can do to make sure their attacks don't succeed in the future... and the camouflage will definitely help. Can you show me what you've been able to find on the island so far?"

11- Give the foliage to Heather

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Heather: "Yes, yes. This is going to work very well, I think. These will blend right in with the flora at Outpost Island. Great job finding these!

This is going to be perfect! Meet Ruffnut by the catapult at Dragon's Edge-that is, if you can even find it!"

12- Go to the catapult at Dragon's Edge

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Heather: "Ruffnut did a great job installing the camouflage. You can see through the camouflage up close, but I couldn't see the catapult from the water. Invading Dragon's Hunters won't even know what hit them, once these catapults start firing from nowhere. It's going to be great!

It's nice to be on the base with Astrid and the gang. I feel like Windshear and I need to be out here, making a difference with the gang... I love exploring science as the Alchemist of the school but I figure I can continue pursuing that out here. I just need to figure out where I need to be."

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