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Hiccup: "Let's take a closer look at the map you recovered from the shipwreck. This type of map is called a nautical chart because it plots out the locations of tides, currents, and obstacles in the area.

Every ship needs one so that it doesn't hit a hazard and sink. Click on the nautical chart in your Backpack!"

1- Click on the nautical charts in your Backpack

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Hiccup: "These guys must have been really trying to find the source of Harald's 'magic dragon bones.' They plotted out the shipwrecks on the way to the island. It's a good start, but it won't help anyone get to Dragon Island safely.

They were trying to solve the same problem as us: how do we get to Dragon Island? It was a good idea but they crashed on the way. Don't worry; the fact that their solution didn't work doesn't bode ill for us.

There are always multiple ways to approach a problem. We can learn the lesson from this failure and try something else. I gave you my map of Dragon Island earlier; let's click on it in your Backpack and take another look."

2- Click on Hiccup's map in your Backpack

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Hiccup: "They look sort of similar, huh? These maps are really useful when we have landmarks or when we use the stars to know where we are by latitude and longitude. But because of the fog, we need more information.

I'll get to work right away on putting the location of these shipwrecks from the navigation charts onto my map. In the meantime, I need more information. No one here has the passion for map-making like I do, but maps are so useful that I'm sure there are some floating around.

Can you find them? You should ask the fishermen and travelers first, then you'll see what they use to navigate the waters. See if Mulch can help."

3- Ask Mulch for a map

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Mulch: "Argh! Be careful if you decide to sail out to Dragon Island. The wind tunnels and water currents around that volcano are fast and treacherous.

One inattentive moment at the helm, and boom! Your ship gets smashed against one of the hundreds of sea stacks. Your dragon could suffer the same fate if you're not careful. I have a map of the ocean currents and shipwrecks in the area.

I read it and call out directions to Bucket so that we can avoid the obstacles. Pay close attention to this map and you just might make it through."

[item: 1 Mulch's Map]
Item mulch s map

Mulch's Map

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!: "Open Mulch's map in your Backpack."

4- Look at Mulch's map in your Backpack

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Mulch: "I'd recommend you have a word with Bucket about his map."

5- Talk to Bucket about his map

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Bucket: "Oh, I know all about Dragon Island! Mulch and I don't go there often, but they have some really really good salmon spots.

Whenever we get to a new great fishing area, I mark it down on this map. You can have it.

Now, where did I leave my map? I thought I left it out here..."

6- Look for Bucket's map

Item bucket s map

Bucket's Map

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Bucket: "That's it! You should look at it."

7- Check out Bucket's map in your Backpack

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!: "You should give the maps to Hiccup."

8- Give the maps to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Okay, okay... this look great! The information on the maps don't mean much on its own, but I think I we can use all of them together to get us to Dragon Island! Give me a few minutes to see what I can do to put it all on one map."


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