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!: "[your dragon's name] is Dragon Rank 20! Perhaps your dragon is ready to reach the Titan Stage of growth. Hiccup can start you on the journey when you are ready"

1- Talk to Hiccup about Titan Wing Dragons

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Hiccup: "Hey there [your dragon's name]. You look nice and healthy! You and [your Viking's name] must be taking great care of each other!

Wow, [your dragon's name] is really growing up. I wonder if we'll be able to help your dragon reach the next stage of its growth. Fishlegs has been researching about Titan Wing dragons... You should talk to him about it!"

2- Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "Hey [your Viking's name]! Meatlung found this rune while we were helping Hiccup out with a stable quest. I've been poring through my notes from the Dragon Eye and I think this is to help dragons transition to the Titan Wing stage of its growth!"

[item: 1 Titan Rune]

Item Titan Runes

Titan Rune

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Fishlegs: "We need more Titan Runes. I don't know how, but dragons seem to be able to find them easier without our help. We need to send your dragon out on stable quests! I'll meet you at your stables."

3- Go to your stables

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Fishlegs: "Meet me by the quest board!"

4- Go to the quest board

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Fishlegs: "Now that you have your dragon of level 20, you'll be able to send dragons out on Medium and Hard difficulty stable quests that will award Titan Runes!

The Dragon Eye pointed toward this place called Titan Island where you can use the runes. Use your map to go to Titan Island!"

5- Go to Titan Island

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Fishlegs: "What an island...

You absolutely need to explore this amazing place! I want to see what you can discover."

6- Explore the Island

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Fishlegs: "I get the feeling that this.. altar might hold the secret of the transformation to Titan Wing stage! Now that you know the way here, you should come back and explore the area when you've gathered 50 Titan Runes!"

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