Headmaster icon

Headmaster: "Mulch and Bucket may be in trouble, [your Viking's name]! They took their boat out with the other morning fishing boats, but no one has heard from them since. It's even more troubling that their Hideous Zippleback, Whip and Lash, looks worried sick!

Will you take their dragon and look for them on their fishing route? Click on the Zippleback."

1- Click on Whip and Lash, the Zippleback

[you are teleported to Open Sea ]

! icon

!: "What is this mysterious fog? It is like nothing you've ever seen before...

It has a noxious stench. You need to find Mulch and Bucket quickly."

2- Look for Mulch and Bucket

! icon

!: "There's the fishing boat, but Mulch and Bucket aren't moving! Are they sick?

The ship has run afoul of some rocks. You must destroy these rocks if you want to free their ship. Have your dragon shoot the rocks away!"

3- Shoot the rocks with your dragon

! icon

!: "Maybe there's a way to guide the ship out of these foggy waters. Click on the rope that's coiled on the ship deck."

4- Tap on the rope on the ship

[animation of Whip and Lash pulling the ship]

5- Go to Berk [automatic]

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Mercy! What happened to my poor friends? Tell me what happened!"

6- Tell Gobber what happened

Gobber icon

Gobber: "Hmm. many years ago, there used to be a mysterious fog around Dragon Island where the Red Death lived. That's how it stayed hidden from us for so many years before Hiccup, you know, axed him. The Red Death is gone, so I wonder why the fog is back! It looks a little different too. You know... blue-ier.

Mulch and Bucket fell unconscious in the fog, but you're saying that the dragons nearby seemed unaffected? Why is that? I wonder if Valka would know why they were able to survive."

7- Talk to Valka about the fog

Valka icon

Valka: "I am worried that the sailors fell sick from the fog, but I am not surprised that the dragons seem unaffected. Most dragons have a furnace within their body that they use to generate heat and create fireballs. This might take them immune to any poisoning in the air... within reason, of course.

It sounds like old Mulch is back on his feet. I remember when he was just a lad before I left Berk. He was younger but just as round as he is now. Please talk to Mulch and learn what you can."

8- Have a talk with Mulch

Mulch icon

Mulch: "I'm glad you saved us, [your Viking's name]! It would have been a sad death, choking on that mystery fog so far away from home. I knew that we shouldn't have stayed in that abnormal fog so long! Neither of us ever saw anything like it.

We had no choice, though. Bucket has sharp eyes and he swore he saw Dragon Hunter ships sail past us towards the School. We lost them-- well, we fell unconscious-- so someone needs to make sure they're nowhere near Berk.

Don't go gallivanting back into the fog by yourself, lad/lassie! You'll need some backup. Sound the great horn and the Vikings of Berk will swarm to your side."

9- Sound the horn

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Toothless and I are with you through thick and thin, [your Viking's name]!

We'll go back into that fog whenever you're ready, [your Viking's name]."

10- Explore the ocean once again

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "A Dragon Hunter ship! Mulch and Bucket were right! We need to shoot that ship and disable it!"

11- Shoot the ship and avoid getting hit

[animation of the Dragon Hunters surrendering]

Dragon hunter icon

Dragon hunter: "Wait! Dragon rider, call off your dragon. We yield to your banner.

We swear that we will leave these waters and return to our base. We got heavy headed and lost in this fog... We never meant to get so close to your home.

How about a trade, Dragon Rider? Information for our lives. I hear you don't particularly like the pirate Harald Forkbeard, and I know exactly where he's going."

12- Talk to the Dragon Hunter about Harald

Dragon hunter icon

Dragon hunter: "Forkbeard is back in these lands, dragon rider. He is trading goods out of Auction Island and speaking fo some dragon cure. From what I hear, you and the Dragon Riders have a debt to settle with that rat. Best you get to him before some of the other Hunters. He's burned many bridges around these waters."

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Harald! I knew he'd be back to trouble us again. I don't know where Auction Island is, even though I was there a few years ago. I was quite busy the last time we went there.

I think we might have another way to get there, though. We know someone who used to engage in that trade. Speak to Eret at the training Grounds!"

13- Speak to Eret at the Training Grounds

Eret icon

Eret: "Aye, dragon trainer. I know Auction Island, and can even take you there. I would warn you of what you ask, however. It is the heart of enemy territory, where none will hesitate to cut your throat for your dragon's scales... or even for the smallest amount of coin.

Well then! We'll be off right away. Make sure to kiss your dragon for good luck-- [your Dragon's name] can't follow us to these places for fear of showing our true loyalties. Step onto my boat and we shall be off."

14- Jump on Eret's ship to go to Auction Island

Eret icon

Eret: "Step lightly, [your Viking's name]. You'll never come across a more desperate and dangerous lot than these Dragon Hunters."


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