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Hiccup: "It's just a rumor, of course, but I believe it. If it's true, we're going to have to figure something out soon. First, that Elder Sentinel is still here! I think he feels a deep connection with you. Will you reach out your hand and click on him?"

1-Click on the Elder Sentinel

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Hiccup: "Wonderful, [your Viking's name]! I'm so happy for you.

In worse news, Stormheart has only been in the archipelago for a few months. If we let her flourish in a new home, we might be in for countless more fights in the future."

[you receive the message "you have trained the Elder Sentinel" and enter the screen for color customization of the dragon]

2- Talk to Eret at Dragon's Edge

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Eret: "The news around the trade lanes is that Auction Island bent the knee to Stormheart. They gave her the place, lock stock and barrel, just because she arrivevd with some ancient symbol! Mad, isn't it?

We'll meet you in Auction Island. Watch your step, [your Viking's name]. We are headed into the heart of enemy territory."

3- Got to Auction Island

Astrid icon

Astrid: "Wow. This is... wow. Stormheart moved fast."

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Snotlout: "They must have been expecting us. Look: there's that snake Harald, taunting us with his new victory! I'd like to send him slithering for a hole to hide in, just like we did at Berk.

Um, maybe you should talk to him and not me. If I go up there to talk, I don't think I'd be able to hold myself back! I'm not saying I couldn't handl myself, but Hiccup´s trying to get me turn over a new leaf."

4- Talk to Harald

Harald Forkbeard icon

Harald Forkbeard: "Welcome to the new Auction Island, [your Viking's name]!

Stormheart has assumed her rightful place as ruler. You see, her ancestors once ruled here centuries ago. When Stormheart returned with the ancestral symbol, all of Auction Island bowed to her as the leader. I'm sure many more islands in the archipelago will see the light soon enough.

Oh - Stormheart tells me you were instrumental in getting her artifact back. Our eternal thanks for your help.

There are no hard feelings about our fight at Berk, I hope? I was only distracting you while Stormheart made her move here. She has no ill will towards you or Hiccup. You may visit the island as you wish, as long as you abide by the rules of her reign.

I see you brought the Berserker chief with you! Good. That will save us a trip. We crossed each other recently over a miscommunication; Stormheart believed that his wife held the secret route to Vanaheim. We found our own way, of course. Please let him know that we are sorry for putting him through such an inconvenience."

5- Talk to Dagur

Dagur icon

Dagur: "Ha! We had a 'miscommunication,' is it? I'm exactly the type to hold grudges. (You can ask Hiccup all about it.) Just you wait, Stormheart.

With that said, just look at this place! She certainly knows how to put her stamp on things, doesn't she? I like it. (It's a leadership thing.)

Well, that's enough professional courtesy in her direction.

Stormheart attacked my wife. She attacked a Berserker ship. She's going to keep attacking us for as long as she breathes. So, I'll just have to make sure she has incentive to stop. Thell Snotlout to get ready to go on my signal, yeah?"

6- Talk to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "If Dagur's ready, Snotlout's good to go! As long as Stormheart is here, we'll need to fight it out. There's no time like the present! Right here, right now."

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Hiccup: "Wait, wait. If the people of Auction Island wanted this, we can't stop them from choosing Stormheart. The people want her as their leader, and it sounds like a peaceful transition of power. Who are we to stick our noses into things?

We need to retreat and regroup back at Dragon's Edge. When we're home, we can figure out how we can handle this. This is a big power shift in the archipelago... but there's nothing more we can do right now."

7- Go back to Dragon's Edge

Astrid icon

Astrid: "This is bad. This is really bad.

Stormheart is setting up a base of operations to prepare to grab for more power. This headache won't go away on its own. We're going to have to figure out how we can stand up to Stormheart.

Oh; I've seen that look on Hiccup's face before. He's worried about this situation as much as I am. maybe he will open up to you if you try to talk to him, [your Viking's name]."

8- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "I'm not worried. No, really. I'm not!

Listen. Stormheart threw everything she had at us this time and we still stopped her. We stopped her from ruining Vanaheim. We protected the islands around Dragon's Edge. We defended Berk. I'll admit that she won a small victory by taking Auction Island, but we'll make sure she won't get another foothold into the archipelago.

Stormheart will strike again... but we'll stop her. Together."

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