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Astrid: "Toothless and Hiccup are the best option here for solving this riddle. She may not like Hiccup, but I saw how Toothless acted around her. They were making eyes at each other like a pair of teenagers!

Hiccup is busy with the relocation efforts to New Berk, but I think I can drag him away for something this important. While I handle that, can you meet with our allies Dagur and Mala on Impossible Island? We need to make sure that they know that they might be in danger."

1-Go to Impossible Island

! icon

!: "Mala has ben a frequent visitor to this island after she discovered the buildings of her ancestor here. She should be docked in one of the island's bays."

2-Talk to Mala

Mala icon

Mala: "Oh! I didn't expect any reinforcements for hours at the earliest. You came at the perfect time to fight the warlords, [your Viking's name]. We were about to head out without you.

We can save ships from ceartain death if we head out now. Dagur can fill you in while we finish prepping the boat."

3-Talk to Dagur

Dagur icon

Dagur: "Your expression says that Mala didn't give you much information. Typical lovely Mala, ha ha! It's what I love so much about her. She's very action oriented; she doesn't hesitate to jump into danger when lives are on the line.

I heard that the famed hunter Grimmel paid you all a visit on Berk. Well, he's not alone. He's now allied with a group of warlords who are dead set on destroying Berk and eslaving her dragons. They haven't started any fights with us yet. But don't worry: we're your allies through and through!

The Defenders of the Wing spotted a few refugees ships being chased by those dastardly warlords, and we need to rescue them right away. Click on the steering wheel next to me and we'll go there right away!"

4-Click on the steering wheel next to Dagur [you are teleported to Explore the Sea ]

Dagur icon

Dagur: "Whoo! We're here barely in the nick of time.

You and [your dragon's name] will be able to get to them much quicker than us. Can you get over to the refugee ship and protect them from the warlords' men? We'll be right behind you!"

5-Fly over to the refugees

! icon

!: "Refugee

Oh! Thank goodness!You're a dragon rider of Berk, right? I know that you'll be able to help. When the warlords arrived at our doorstep, we tried to flee to stay away from the danger... but there were more ships waiting for us."

Dagur icon

Dagur: "Have no fear, fair vilager, because Dagur and his trusty ally are here to dispense justice and take names! I think I'll take the name of that Viking over there on the right. He seems like my favorite type of punching bag.

Let's take the fight over to them, friend [your Viking's name]. We'll land right on their ship and kick their butts!"

6-Defeat the warlords men in Dragon Tactics Level 1: Defending the Weak

Dagur icon

Dagur: "Ah ha! That'll teach them to prey on helpless villagers.

Sleuther and I are going to fly over to the rest of the enemy ships and fly interference for you. We'll draw their fire and keep them occupied while you get these brave Vikings to a safe location. Sounds good?

So, click on the boat and lead them away from the fighting to my beautiful wife Mala! Good luck!"

7-Click on the refugee ship and lead it to safety

! icon

!: "Refugee

Thank you! Gods, thank you so much!"

Mala icon

Mala: "That dear husband of mine seems to be having way too much fun over there. I'll have to sail that direction and give him some backup.

Thank you for your aid. The Defenders of the Wing will keep an eye out on the movements of these warlords and let you know if they pose any concern. You can return to your School, knowing that we have your back."

8-Go back to the School

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "[Your Viking's name]! Over here!"

9-Find Hiccup

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Wow. We looked everywhere for her without any success... and here she was, at our home all along. Okay, Toothless. Now's your chance to step up and show her what you're made of. No?

I think Toothless is feeling a bit nervous. Can you click on him and offer him a reassuring hand?"

9-Click on Toothless

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Come on , Toothless. Now's your chance to make a good third impression, right? [Your Viking's name], can you click on Toothless and lead him to the Light Fury?"

10-Click on Toothless and lead him to the Light Fury

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "Whoa! I guess that makes our decision for us! Let's fly down there after them and find out what's below us!"

11-Follow the Light Fury into the cavern
[You are now prompted to purchase the expansion if not done before]

Valka icon

Valka: "My word. This is... this is beyond anything I could have imagined. Come close, [your Viking's name]. We should explore this place together."

12-Talk to Valka

Valka icon

Valka: "It's strange, but somehow I'm reminded of the Bewilderbeast's sanctuary. Back when I lived alone among the dragons...
We are in a sacred place, little one."

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