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Stormheart: "I am Nikora Stormheart, the captain of this vessel. Harald has told me a lot about your exploits with Hiccup and his troops. From what I understand, Hiccup is a fascinating man. I hope that he is willing to hear some sound advice. "

1- Click on Stormheart and follow her.

Stormheart icon

Stormheart: "[while walking] I have come to the archipelago for new business opportunities.

I hold no ill towards Berk or Hiccup.

In fact, I admire your strength and ingenuity.

We do not need to be enemies.

In fact...

We could become strong allies.

But warn Hiccup to stay out of my way.

If you cross me...

I will not hesitate to crush you."

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Stormheart: "I have a small gift for Hiccup and his friends; you can consider it a payment for the chaos the Triple Stryke caused within your home. The damage was... unintentional. Click on the crate, please."

2- Click on the crate

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Stormheart: "I hope you find it charming. Harald has told me that Hiccup appreciates fine engineering and design. I thought I could share my personal style with this statue... a gift to remind him of his new neighbour."

Item: 1 Stormheart's Gift

Stormheart icon

Stormheart: "Thank you for your time. I have no doubt that you will get my message to Hiccup faithfully. Remember: our paths need not cross, for we look towards different goals on the horizon. Do not cross me and I will not consider you an enemy.

Your merchant friend is waiting for you. "

3- Talk to Johann

Johann the Trader icon

Johann the Trader: "What an unsettling place, and a chilling captain to boot! Did she tell you why she has arrived within these waters? I wonder if she is planning on challenging Hiccup or the Dragon Hunters for supremacy.

(She certainly could, with these weapons.) Did she tell you anything about fighting the Dragon Hunters?

Well, I'm past ready to set sail far away from this warship! I am sure Stormheart wouldn't have any qualms with your flying away on [your dragon's name]; perhaps you should return to Dragon's Edge and inform Hiccup. "

4- Go to Dragon's Edge

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "[Your Viking's name]! Welcome back. Heather told me that you went on an errand with Johann. What's going on?"

5- Inform Hiccup about Nikora Stormheart

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Hiccup: "I don't approve of you going to face this Stormheart without backup... but thank you. I don't trust Harald, but he's right; he did try to help us at Dragon Island. Maybe we don't have to be enemies with Nikora. I'm sure she didn't mean to drive the Triple Stryke crazy, so we'll help her stop that.

And this statue is... uh... interesting. It's not what I prefer, but I see why she likes it. I don't know where we can put it; let's leave it here for now. "

Dagur icon

Dagur: "'Accidentally'? Sorry to butt in, brother, but I can't watch you be hoodwinked. Stormheart appears and 'apologizes' for what happened right after. It smells fishy... and Dagur doesn't like fishy. i'd wager my new axe that Stormheart did this on purpose as a warning. And I do love the way she slices through the air... Ooooh!

Anyway! Hiccup, you listen to Astrid. [Your Viking's name], will you ask her what she thinks? "

6- Talk to Astrid

Astrid icon

Astrid: "Dagur's - well, he's a little crazy but he's right. I'm not entirely sure what's going on but I don't like how this feels. And this statue is too weird. Hiccup tries to see the best in people, but that might get us in trouble this time...

Well, we can still take somee steps to protect ourselves. Remeber that sound we made with the Deadly Nadder spines? Hiccup and I want to use that sound to set up defenses around Dragon's Edge if the Triple Stryke ever came back.

You see, all objects in motion gather kinetic energy as it travels through the air. When two objects collide, each objects transfers some of its energy to the other. That energy flows out into vibrations, which in turn create sound waves. So, we are going to try to create a device that can do that for us when we 'flip the switch', so to speak.

We need a lot of wood logs to make these contraptions. Can you gather 6 wood logs from the trees at the Wilderness? "

7- Chop 6 wood logs at the Wilderness

Astrid icon

Astrid: "Great!

While you were harvesting wood logs, I set Heather and Windshear on the task of whittling wood logs for the posts that will host the devices. Can you join up with Heather and see what you need to do next? "

8- Talk to Heather

Heather icon

Heather: "Hey! Windshear and I are really excited to help out. As you can tell with the water wheel on the Lab, I have a keen interest in inventions that can put kinetic energy to good use. (That's a type of energy created by moving things.)

The water wheel powers a lot of my instruments, and this device will be able to create the sound we want!

Let's hurry back to Dragon's Edge and put these to good use. "

9-Go back to Dragon's Edge

Heather icon

Heather: "Okay! Hiccup made blueprints for the noisemakers, and everyone's ready to help make them. Can you start off by giving Hiccup two wood logs? That should be enough to make the invention."

10- Give 2 wood logs to Hiccup

Hiccup icon

Hiccup: "When we try to create a solution to a problem, we need to know that there are many ways to meet all the requirements of the problem. We brainstorm ideas that could work. Then , we try to make a model and test it. If it doesn't work, we fix and try again.

Astrid and I think that this device might fit our needs; what do you think? "

Noise machine

The noise machine blueprint

Heather icon

Heather: "That's an excellent sketch! Can you pass two wood logs and the instructions to Astrid? She's working on one of the devices. "

11- Give 2 wood logs to Astrid

Astrid icon

Astrid: "I'll get this done right away. I can't wait to see it working!"

Heather icon

Heather: "And the final helpers: the... twins. I know, I know; they're flighty but surprisingly reliable when it coes to the important things. Give the rest of the wood logs to Tuffnut, and they'll make sure the last whistling machine gets set up by the far side of Dragon's Edge. "

12- Give 2 wood logs to Tuffnut

Tuffnut icon

Tuffnut: "Now that we have the valuable wood in our hands, Ruffnut and I will be able to put our own flourish onto this! What do you think, dear sister: giant wooden octopus or a statue of Loki on top of the pole? No, I got it: a whittled rendition of the gratest friend, Chicken! "

Ruffnut icon

Ruffnut: "This calls for a 'Nut council meeting, Tuffnut. Chicken is your branch of the family and this pole should be a proud representation of us both. Let's lock helmet horns and come up with the answer. "

Heather icon

Heather: "Don't lose sight of the goal, guys... Hiccup, can you make sure they don't make anything crazy?

Okay! Thank you for getting the logs to all the right people. They've been able to create some incredible things, with Hiccup and Astrid supervising of course. We're by the west entrance of the camp; come find us! "

13- Find Astrid and Heather by the new invention

Astrid icon

Astrid: "This is great! With these posted around Dragon's Edge, we'll be ready if the Triple Stryke returns here. I'm sure it can keep her disoriented long enough for us to stop her rampage. "

Heather icon

Heather: "I'm really glad that we've established a strong defence, but Dagur doesn't seem to agree. I know that look on his face: he's stewing on something. Can you talk to him and see what's going on in his head?"

14- Talk to Dagur

Dagur icon

Dagur: "I have my thinking helmet on and the numbers aren't looking good, you know? All the defences in the world aren't going to help us if our enemies can plot and plan and unleash hell on us! If we want to win, we have to take the fight to them. That's the Berserker way! "

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