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Mildew: "Ah! How did you find us? Fungus and I moved all the way out here in this frozen wasteland so I wouldn't have to deal with these awful dragons! And here they are, bothering me once again. I found this island first, and I don't want any dragons here! That includes your stupid [Your Dragon's Name].

Look! My poor sheep Fungus is scared of your dragon. It's your fault! Click on him and try to calm him down."

1- Click on Fungus

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Mildew: "Hmph. Fungus seems to like you. He doesn't react like this with anyone.

I guess I can trust you if Fungus does. He's never led me astray before. I suppose I'll let you help me.

This island gets very cold and it's terrible on my old bones. And poor Fungus! He can barely sleep at night. I want you to build a fire. You can start by gathering 4 wood logs from the trees by my house."

2- Chop 4 wood logs from the trees

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Mildew: "Good! Looks like you remember how to do things instead of relying on your dragon all the time. Vikings these days have forgotten how to do some honest work, not like in my day!

Bring the wood back to me."

3- Bring the wood to Mildew

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Mildew: "Well, those logs aren't the worst I've ever seen. I guess they'll do the job.

I'll put it in the campfire here. Start the fire for me, [Your Viking's Name]. Click on the rock and use your axe to make sparks!"

4- Click on the rock and start a fire

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Mildew: "Doesn't it feel good to accomplish things without relying on your dragon? Maybe there's some hope for you after all."

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