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Hiccup: "Hey, [Your Viking's Name]! Thank you for helping us out earlier gathering food. We now have a lot, in case a storm disrupts our food supply! We'll need to find a way to move it down to the school building.

Luckily, we don't have to carry it down ourselves. We can create simple machines to help us out. These inventions will help us do our jobs easier because when we put energy into a simple machine, they boost it to a much larger scale! Let's get some materials to make these machines. Can you go to the Wilderness and gather 10 pieces of wood?"

1- Gather 10 pieces of wood

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Hiccup: "That's a great job! We'll need a lot of wood to create these things.

The first simple machine we'll need is the screw. A screw is a twisted inclined plane. It holds things together! Gobber will have a lot of them - he needs them for his duties as blacksmith. Will you go to Berk and ask him for a few?"

2- Talk to Gobber

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Gobber: "Hey laddie. I have a lot of screws in my toolbox. You can have some of them. Is Hiccup working on a new project?"

Item: 1 Screw

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Hiccup: "Come back to me with the screws, and we'll get started on the next simple machine."

3- Return to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Gobber does good work. I knew I could rely on him.

I've been hard at work with those logs while you were gone. I think we'll need another important simple machine to get the food to the school building: a pulley. I think Mulch uses them for his ships. Will you go ask him for one?"

4- Talk to Mulch

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Mulch: "Pulleys are very important for sailors. It's made out of one or more wheels with a rope wrapped around them. It allows us to move something up and down or back and forth along the rope. Here, you can have one."

Item: 1 Pulley

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Hiccup: "We're almost ready to move the food! I've asked the Botanist to load up her cart with the food. Can you ask her what is the state of the cart?"

5- Talk to the Botanist

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Phlegma: "Yes, the cart is ready. I've already placed it where Hiccup would like it to be. Carts are really useful because they utilize wheels to move with less energy for a longer time. Wheels are fixed to an axle, or a rod, placed in the middle of the wheel. When the axle rotates, the wheel rotates as well! This allows the wheel to move further for little work."

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Hiccup: "I just put a ramp down onto the hill. A ramp, or inclined plane as it is also called, is a flat surface that connects a lower level to a higher level. We can use it to move the cart to higher hills with ease! You should go see where I placed it!"

6- Bring the ramp to the hill

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Hiccup: "You see? The yaks and the cart's wheels will have no problem taking the cart there.

The yak will pull the cart without any help. You can just follow it up to the top of the hill! I built a simple machine that uses pulleys to bring things to the lower plane! You'll see it when you get there."

7- Follow the cart up the hill

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Hiccup: "Isn't that cool? You can slowly lower the rope on this gear to lower the food! Thanks for your help, [Your Viking's Name. We'll be able to get this food to the school in no time."

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