The Wilderness is one of the main zones of the island and just like The School, it's shown to be part of the large caldera. To unlock the Wilderness, you have to complete the Wilderness Training.

The Wilderness is an important location due to be home and needed of numerous missions; its main mission, Wilderness Training, unlocks roughly more than 8 missions as well as the Expansions' first mission; it contains plenty of fishing spots (4 freshwater spots on the main lake and 1 nearby the waterfall that leads to said lake); especial trees for a few missions; and, it also contains the main entrance to Icestorm Island.


Wilder overall
Wilder overall 2

The Wilderness is a part of the caldera with large, rocky, mountainous layers between the center and the outside. In the center, it's a grassy plain with a few woodland around the left and right side; a rocky, mountainous valley-like part; a geyser on the left corner; and a medium-sized lake on the bottom right corner.

Wilder plat 1

The main cliff

Wilder waterfall

The Waterfall

In front of the exit of the Wilderness, there's a bridge that leads of a rocky plain (with the teleporter) with a path going downwards, a few plateaus on the right side and a rocky path that leads to a small cliff. Below the bridge, it's a part of the large waterfall that goes from the very left to the right side of the island.
Wilder plat 2

The platforms

On the very center of the Wilderness, there's two platforms which will then lead to a third platform on the rocky formation on the other side of the island. The small cliff and the platforms are used in the mission Missing Viking where you will have a small practice on gliding with your dragon in terms of staying in the air as much as you can and landing on platforms.

On the rocky formation, there's a path that leads to a non-climbable ledge. On the second layer, there's a cave that leads to a cliff and a path that leads to the top of the mountain. The cave on the left is called the Dragon's Maw in the quest The Missing Viking.

Wilder geyser

The Geyser

Wilder rocky 4

Entrance to Icestorm Island

Nearby the first path, there's the entrance to Icestorm Island and a medium-sized geyser. If one stands in the middle on the geyser, the player will be launch to the air (if one flies on a certain altitude towards the geyser, the player will first hit an invisible wall and, if the player is slowly flying in the middle of the geyser, the player will be launched while still flying).

Player gliding in the Geyser

Wilder woodland

The Woodland

In the middle of the woodland, there's 4 trees (much smaller and are lighter) whom are used to get wood for a few missions. After an unknown update, cutting trees for wood won't give Dragon XP anymore.

On the opposite side of the woodland, there's a large lake filled with fishing spots.

Wilder lake

The Lake

Ways to AccessEdit


Fishing SpotsEdit

There's in total of 5 fishing spots, all freshwater.

  • On the small woodland island, there's an Eel fishing spot;
  • Nearby the large cliff, there's another fishing spot;
  • On the waterfall, there's a Salmon fishing spot;
  • Nearby Mulch, there's right away 2 fishing spots;
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