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Astrid: "Grimmel has made it dead clear that he's never going to stop after us. We need to take the fight to him right away, while we have the advantage. If we stop him now, he'll need to take some time to get back to full strength. That'll be all the time we need to get dragons to a safe place.

Eret has been monitoring their camp at Glacier Island, and he says that their defenses are weaker right now than they have ever been. Now's the time. One decisive strike!"

1-Visit Glacier Island
[animation showing Grimmel inside the camp]

Astrid icon

Astrid: "There they are..."

Eret icon

Eret: "I see their reinforcements on the horizon! We need to start right now. [Your Viking's name], please help Snotlout attack the guards and keep them from defending Grimmel!"

2-Shoot a portion of the camp
[animation showing Stormheart arriving on the Tempest and attacking the warlords' ships]

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "All right! Stormheart's finally coming through in the clutch. We gotta take advantage of this distraction! Shoot down that tower and neuter their defense!"

3-Shoot the towers (4)

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "Woo-hoo! Let's show everyone how it's done!"

Valka icon

Valka: "Wonderful work, [your Viking's name], but there's much more to do. These cowards have trapped so many dragons to fight for them. We need to free them right now. We'll land, avoid the warlords' men and break open the traps!"

4-Free the captured dragons

Valka icon

Valka: "Wonderful! Fly free!"

Astrid icon

Astrid: "Grimmel's nearly alone - and if we can just get his guards away from him, we'll be able to corner him and force him to give up his quest against Toothless. I'm going to fly cover while you draw the guards away from him. Shoot the entrance and focus their attention!"

5-Draw the guards away from Grimmel [shoot 2 wooden fences]

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "yeah, it's time to divide and conquer! Hookfang and I are here to back you up. Let's kick these butts and go after Grimmel, all in one go!"

6-Defeat the Dragon Tactics battle Level 2: The Glacial Fight

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "We've done it! But... wait... what is going on?"

[animation of Stormheart sailing away]

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "That treacherous... [Your Viking's name], Stormheart's running away with her tail between her legs! We need to press the attack right now before the warlords figure out what's going on. Valka is about to face Grimmel right now. Hurry, help her out!"

7-Land next to Valka

Grimmel icon

Grimmel: "You do-gooders are quite amusing. You think that you can stop innovators like me from using dragons to invent new wonders. When will you learn? You cannot stop progress. All that awaits you is inevitable failure."

[animation of Grimmel shooting a poison dart to Cloudjumper, while his flying device is landing nearby]

Valka icon

Valka: "My dear Cloudjumper... no. Please. I do not know what he has injected you with, but you are stronger than this. Please fight it off. [Your Viking's name], help me break him out of this hypnosis. Approach him, reach your hand out, and click on his head."

8-Click on Cloudjumper
[animation of Cloudjumper shooting at you]

Valka icon

Valka: "Are you all right? I'm so sorry to have put you in harm's way. We've managed to hold Grimmel's forces back, but it'll only be a matter of time before they come after more dragons. If you feel good enough to fly, make your way to New Berk. We'll hold them back."

9-Retreat to New Berk

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "Oh, Thor. Oh, Thor!"

10-Talk to Snotlout

Snotlout icon

Snotlout: "I can't believe it. We faced him, straight on... and we lost. Is this the end?"

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