The Thunderdrum is a Tidal Class dragon. It is also obtainable by purchasing its egg in the store for 300 gems (240 for members) or use of a special promotional code (each code can only be used once) found inside Riders of Berk DVDs purchased from Walmart (needs confirmation if it still applies nowadays).

On April 13th, 2020, the Thunderdrum received a price adjustment and was reduced to 250 Gems (200 for members).

As for January 3rd, 2020, during v3.5.0, the Thunderdrum is no longer a Member Primary Starter Dragon.


From the How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

"They form pods in hunt or on migration, and take care of each other and can be compassionate, and these features are similar to those of cetaceans. The Scauldrons also share at least the first of these traits (most of seen specimens had not been calm at times), and both of them are whale-like dragon kinds. This dragon is reclusive in nature, living in sea caves and dark tide pools or even in open waters.
"Thunderdrums are so stubborn that they can be tough to be trained. Thunderdrums show a real soft side to any adolescents even if it's not their own. As they care for them a lot if they are in trouble, it can be used as a advantage to training. Training a Thunderdrum, especially as an adult is a challenge as Thunderdrums have a hard of hearing, being nearly deaf. Showing protection and gaining the Thunderdrum's trust is a easier way to train it, as seen by Stoick and Thornado. Adolescents also don't listen. It is easier to train one from birth or have an adult to help.
"The name comes from its main mode of attack/defense. Instead of breathing fire, the Thunderdrum produces a strong concussive sound that can kill a human at close range. It is not only capable of temporally stunning other dragons, but also can even extinguish flames shot by other dragons. The blast is so powerful that the creature is said to "get its power from Thor himself." Only the Screaming Death has a tolerance with this attack (capable to stun it temporally). By combining roars by several individuals, the roars could be strengthen even further to be able to knock away several large dragons at mid-distance and instantly and literally blow them off. But instead for making vikings head explode Thunderdrum can make humans nearly death for short period of time.
"Thunderdrums can also shoot blue blasts of flames that get bigger the farther they go. Those fire blasts also travel at the speed of sound. However, it takes a lot of energy to use, so they tend not to use it."

For more information on the Thunderdrum, visit here.

In Quests Edit

Battle for the Edge Edit

Quest: Poor Archaeologist Edit

Bing, Bam and Boom (Thornado's offspring) are found roaming around The Ship Graveyard. Apparently, Thunderdrums get along well with Mudrakers, as they are both Tidal Class dragons that generate energy in the form of sound waves.

Notable Thunderdrums Edit

  • Thornado (Stoick's first dragon) is seen in several quests.
  • Bing, Bam and Boom (Thornado's offspring) are also present in some quests.


  • 7/25/13, version 1.03: Optimizations made to the Thunderdrum's animations. Freezes when receiving promo code messages fixed.
  • 8/8/13, version 2.0: Size of teen Thunderdrum adjusted. Thunderdrum egg texture fixed
  • The Titan Wing stage was introduced on July 6th, 2016


  • Upon firing, the Thunderdrum hops and its entire body will "open" with its mouth simultaneously. However, if the player walks while firing, the limbs and both pair of wings (especially the second pair) will glitch out a little due to the mix between the walking animation and the firing animation.
  • Since the Thunderdrum and the Changewing share the same animation, both jumping animations will loop the first two seconds and switch to the hovering animation.

HPR is currently glitched and it will show the value of 2 for all the levels.

Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 7 8 2 170
2 13 17 2 240
3 20 25 2 310
4 26 33 2 380
5 33 42 2 450
6 39 50 2 520
7 46 58 2 590
8 52 66 2 660
9 59 75 2 730
10 65 83 2 800
11 72 91 2 870
12 78 100 2 940
13 85 108 2 1010
14 91 116 2 1080
15 98 125 2 1150
16 104 133 2 1220
17 111 141 2 1290
18 117 149 2 1360
19 124 158 2 1430
20 130 166 2 1500
21 137 174 2 1570
22 143 183 2 1640
23 150 191 2 1710
24 156 199 2 1780
25 163 208 2 1850
26 169 216 2 1920
27 176 224 2 1990
28 182 232 2 2060
29 189 241 2 2130
30 195 249 2 2200
31 202 257 2 2270
32 208 266 2 2340
33 215 274 2 2410
34 221 282 2 2480
35 228 291 2 2550
36 234 299 2 2620
37 241 307 2 2690
38 247 315 2 2760
39 254 324 2 2830
40 260 332 2 2900
41 267 340 2 2970
42 273 349 2 3040
43 280 357 2 3110
44 286 365 2 3180
45 293 374 2 3250
46 299 382 2 3320
47 306 390 2 3390
48 312 398 2 3460
49 319 407 2 3530
50 325 415 2 3600

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Hideous Zippleback Hobgobbler Monstrous Nightmare Razorwhip Rumblehorn
Titan sandw icon Titan scauld icon Titan scutter icon Titan scuttlec icon Titan sdeath icon
Sand Wraith Scauldron Stormcutter Scuttleclaw Screaming Death
Titan senti icon Titan shockj icon Titan skrill icon Titan snoww icon Titan sstinger icon
Sentinel Shockjaw Skrill Snow Wraith Speed Stinger
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Thunderdrum Timberjack Triple Stryke Terrible Terror Whispering Death
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Woolly Howl
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