The Timberjack is a Sharp Class dragon that can be bought for 750 gems (600 gems for Members). Prior to its release on December 25, 2015, the Timberjack had already appeared in the game as the first species of dragon that players could not add to their stables.

As of September 10th, 2019, the Timberjack received a Titan Stage.

On April 13th, 2020, the Timberjack received a price adjustment and was reduced to 500 Gems (400 for members).


Timberjacks were originally added to the game as the fast-travel taxi. Initially the Timberjack in the game, this single dragon had no name and players were meant to assume that each taxi location was a different Timberjack, a fleet of taxi dragons to ferry players around. Despite this being the official position based on the wording of release updates, many players assumed that there was merely one taxi Timberjack: Stokehead.

This belief was bolstered by the release of Stokehead's Flight Club Hero Levels--free for members but costing 250 gems for non-members to unlock.

For a time, taking the taxi Timberjacks would allow players to take a short ride on one, but this aspect of the taxi system was later removed in favor of an instant teleport to a player's chosen destination.

With the presence of Timberjack animations in the game, hackers were able to create a Timberjack 'skin' and apply it over another dragon, obtaining a Timberjack-lookalike before the Timberjack was released into the game. These skins were known amongst players as 'Timberhacks' and, as far as anyone knows, have all but disappeared since the Timberjack was officially released.

A recent update removed the Timberjack taxi dragons, replacing them with the World Map instead.


From the Dragonpedia:

"Native to dense, wooded area, Timberjacks are acutely sensitive creatures that prefer the peace and solace found in their beloved forests.
But don't let their introspective demeanor fool you. When attacked, betrayed or offended, Timberjacks will start flailing their expansive wings, whose edges are razor-sharp - sharp enough to shear through the thickest tree trunk and still not slow down a Timberjack's flight.
Those huge wings do more than just chop trees.On the ground, Timberjacks also have the ability to fold their wings around weary riders like a makeshift tent, offering warmth and protection from the elements and other dragons!"

For more information on the Timberjack, go here.

One of the largest dragons in the game, the Timberjack is rarely seen around campus. This dragon's signature ability to cut trees with the razor-sharp edges of its wings can only be seen in Stokehead's Flight Club Hero levels, where they feature as part of the gameplay.

Despite having no legs, the Timberjack gets around just fine on the ground, with a walking animation similar to that of the Typhoomerang, albeit slithering like a snake and during his wings as arms.

Notable TimberjacksEdit

  • Stokehead: Making his official debut with the release of his Flight Club Hero dragon levels, Stokehead is a reddish brown Timberjack who lacks any distinguishing features besides his base colors. He is mentioned in a single quest by Gobber, where it is implied that Stokehead is used to help out with the school's Icestorm Island expansion. Stokehead is notable for being a character originating in School of Dragons and then appearing in Rise of Berk, since often the opposite is true.


  • Whenever the Timerjack enters or leaves the water, the wing tips glitch out for a few seconds.
Timberj wing glitch

Level Attack Power Fire Power Healing Power Health
1 6 5 10 160
2 12 11 20 220
3 18 16 30 280
4 24 21 40 340
5 30 27 50 400
6 36 32 60 460
7 42 37 70 520
8 48 42 80 580
9 54 48 90 640
10 60 53 100 700
11 66 58 110 760
12 72 64 120 820
13 78 69 130 880
14 84 74 140 940
15 90 80 150 1000
16 96 85 160 1060
17 102 90 170 1120
18 108 95 180 1180
19 114 101 190 1240
20 120 106 200 1300
21 126 111 210 1360
22 132 117 220 1420
23 138 122 230 1480
24 144 127 240 1540
25 150 133 250 1600
26 156 138 260 1660
27 162 143 270 1720
28 168 148 280 1780
29 174 154 290 1840
30 180 159 300 1900
31 186 164 310 1960
32 192 170 320 2020
33 198 175 330 2080
34 204 180 340 2140
35 210 186 350 2200
36 216 191 360 2260
37 222 196 370 2320
38 228 201 380 2380
39 234 207 390 2440
40 240 212 400 2500
41 246 217 410 2560
42 252 223 420 2620
43 258 228 430 2680
44 264 233 440 2740
45 270 239 450 2800
46 276 244 460 2860
47 282 249 470 2920
48 288 254 480 2980
49 294 260 490 3040
50 300 265 500 3100

Broad icon Hatchling and AdulthoodEdit

Titan icon Titan StageEdit

The hidden world icon Bioluminescent PatternsEdit

Other Timberjack charactersEdit

Racing StripesEdit

Boulder class Boulder Boulder class
Catastrophic Quaken icon
Catastrophic Quaken
Crimson Goregutter icon
Crimson Goregutter
Eruptodon icon
Grapple Grounder icon
Grapple Grounder
Groncicle icon
Gronckle icon
Hotburple icon
Screaming Death icon
Screaming Death
Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel icon
Elder Sentinel
Shovelhelm icon
Snafflefang icon
Thunderpede icon
Whispering Death icon
Whispering Death
Mystery class Mystery Mystery class
Armor Wing icon
Armor Wing
Boneknapper icon
Buffalord icon
Changewing icon
Death Song icon
Death Song
Dramillion icon
Dreadstrider icon
Flightmare icon
Hideous Zippleback icon
Hideous Zippleback
Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler icon
Smitten Hobgobbler
Slithersong icon
Smothering Smokebreath icon
Smothering Smokebreath
Snaptrapper icon
Sweet Death icon
Sweet Death
Sharp class Sharp Sharp class
Devilish Dervish icon
Devilish Dervish
Grim Gnasher icon
Grim Gnasher
Prickleboggle icon
Raincutter icon
Razorwhip icon
Scuttleclaw icon
Shivertooth icon
Speed Stinger icon
Speed Stinger
Stormcutter icon
Timberjack icon
Stoker class Stoker Stoker class
Fireworm Queen icon
Fireworm Queen
Flame Whipper icon
Flame Whipper
Green Death icon
Green Death
Hobblegrunt icon
Moldruffle icon
Monstrous Nightmare icon
Monstrous Nightmare
Night Terror icon
Night Terror
Fire Terror icon
Fire Terror
Silver Phantom icon
Silver Phantom
Singetail icon
Terrible Terror icon
Terrible Terror
Typhoomerang icon
Strike class Strike Strike class
Deathgripper icon
Light Fury icon
Light Fury
Night Fury icon
Night Fury
Night Light icon
Night Light
Skrill icon
Skrillknapper icon
Snow Wraith icon
Snow Wraith
Triple Stryke icon
Triple Stryke
Woolly Howl icon
Woolly Howl
Night Lights: Dart icon
Ruffrunner icon
Pouncer icon
Tidal class Tidal Tidal class
Luminous Krayfin icon
Luminous Krayfin
Sand Wraith icon
Sand Wraith
Scauldron icon
Seashocker icon
Shockjaw icon
Sliquifier icon
Thunderdrum icon
Tide Glider icon
Tide Glider
Windwalker icon
Tracker class Tracker Tracker class
Deadly Nadder icon
Deadly Nadder
Mudraker icon
Rumblehorn icon
Titan Dragons
Titan bknapper icon Titan buff icon Titan crimsong icon Titan dnadder icon Titan dsong icon
Boneknapper Buffalord Crimson Goregutter Deadly Nadder Death Song
Titan dgripper icon Titan dramil icon Titan fmare icon Titan grimg icon Titan gronck icon
Deathgripper Dramillion Flightmare Grim Gnasher Gronckle
Titan hzipple icon Titan hobg icon Titan mnightmare icon Titan razorw icon Titan rumbleh icon
Hideous Zippleback Hobgobbler Monstrous Nightmare Razorwhip Rumblehorn
Titan sandw icon Titan scauld icon Titan scutter icon Titan scuttlec icon Titan sdeath icon
Sand Wraith Scauldron Stormcutter Scuttleclaw Screaming Death
Titan senti icon Titan shockj icon Titan skrill icon Titan snoww icon Titan sstinger icon
Sentinel Shockjaw Skrill Snow Wraith Speed Stinger
Titan tdrum icon Titan timberj icon Titan tstryke icon Titan tterror icon Titan wdeath icon
Thunderdrum Timberjack Triple Stryke Terrible Terror Whispering Death
Titan woollyh icon
Woolly Howl
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