Titan Island is a Non-Member location that was added in the 1.19 Update in 20 of April, 2016.

Titan Island is an enormous, large volcanic island, filled with snow, sea stacks and some groups of Cracked Ice surrounding the island. The player is teleported to a small and short sea stack, with a large cracked ice bridge to the main land. In order to go to the inside of the Volcano, the player can either:

  • Go through the cracked ice bridge and follow the candles;
  • Fly through a small hole on the Volcano's sides;
  • Fly through the main Volcano's hole.

Inside the Volcano, there's 2 small waterfalls and, on its right, there's a small lake. Between the 2 waterfalls, there's the main place where you turn your dragons into titan stage.

Falling into the lava results in teleporting you into the nearest bridge.

Ti 5

Inside ther Volcano

Titan Stage MechanismEdit


  • When the player is near the pot filled with Titan Runes, the lava flicks between 2 textures very rapidly;
  • If you dive into the lava under the bridge, you can go through the lava;
    • Going through the lava, however, results in the player go inside the volcano (the player can leave by finding the same lava pool and fly upwards) whom contains a quite disorienting glitch (the background will be instead filled with trails of dragged things (similar to the trail of windows' warning sign)), which can catch players by surprise).


  • There was a rumor that if the player uses all the 50 Titan Runes instead of buying it, Valka would appear and the animation would be different.
    • This has proven to be false since, there's no difference between buying the Titan Stage or using all 50 TRs.


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