Wait, be quiet. I'm having a thought... and I'm not used to the experience.
  — Tuffnut [src]  
Tuffnut Thorston, together with his twin sister Ruffnut, are two of the main protagonists of the DreamWorks films How to Train Your Dragon and How to Train Your Dragon 2. In the initial release of the School of Dragons, they appeared as they did in the first How to Train Your Dragon film; however, following the 2014 update, they and all the other characters appeared as they did in the second film. In the 2019 update, their appearance changes again to match their more casual attire in the third film and in their speech icon, Tuffnut and Ruffnut wear their dragon-scale armor. Their dragon is Barf and Belch, a Hideous Zippleback.


From the School of Dragons Game Guide (pre-update):

"Ruffnut and Tuffnut are fraternal twins that participate in dragon training with Hiccup. The twins are constantly arguing and fighting, often resolving their petty debates by hitting each other. Despite their incessant bickering, they are always together and work as a team. They are especially cooperative in taunting Hiccup and pointing out his flaws while bragging about their own skills as dragon slayers. Their words prove ironic and humorous as they struggle just as much as Hiccup does in their training.
"When Hiccup learns to train dragons, they are quick to praise him, now fighting to be the first to talk to him whenever the chance arises. Ruffnut even seems to develop a crush on Hiccup as she flirts with him, much to Astrid’s disapproval. The twins become good friends with Hiccup as they help him defeat the Red Death and finally bring peace to Berk."

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While usually shown as carefree, he also have the determination to stand against injustice, especially when it involve his favorite dragons [src].

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