Archaeologist icon

Archaeologist: "[your Viking's name], how nice of you to stop by! I was just speaking to your friend, that Mildew fellow. He was asking me all about the ancient stone map fragments and the possibility of finding artifacts on this island. It's good to see him so inspired by our work!

Can you invite him to the Viking ruins? I would love to show him what we've found. Go north from his house! I think I saw him going that way."

1- Find Mildew at Icestorm Island

2- Talk to Hiccup at camp

3- Talk to the Archaeologist in the Ice Caves

4- Find Mildew and talk to him

5- Grab the metal chest in the water

6- Talk to the Archaeologist in the Ice Caves

7- Click on the chest in your backpack

8- Look through the telescope

9- Open your backpack and click on the tablet

10- Click on the dirt mound at the statue in the Ice Caves

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