What is "Sitting Idle"?

Sitting Idle is a new animation set for some set of dragons added around in March 19th, 2019, the dragons will now display a new sole set of animation when sitting ranging from a simply look around to getting up and shake their heads. But just like the normal idle, the sitting idle will happen at random and often times, the dragon simply won't do it, raising questions regarding if the dragon has it or not.

Sitting Idle List

This list is not only for the users to see but this is also for us to note down which dragons we've got to be cautious with, for example, the Scauldron has sitting idle but I was only able to discover it after I titan them.

Just like the model animation, the "owner" of the sitting idle animation is who was released first, for example, Toothless and the Sand Wraith have the same sitting idle but Toothless was released first, therefore, he's the "owner" of said sitting idle animation.

Dragons with Item info means they need to be checked in.

  • Toothless: Will jiggle a bit and open the mouth as if he was swallowing something;
    • Appears in: Sand Wraith, Woolly Howl, ShockjawItem info;
  • Smothering Smokebreath: Will get up and shake up a bit like a dog;
    • Appears in: Sweet Death, Fireworm Queen, RumblehornItem info;
  • HobblegruntItem info/Scauldron: Will look behind them from both sides;
    • Appears in: ShivertoothItem info, RaincutterItem info, Grapple Grounder, SliquifierItem info, Devilish DervishItem info, PrickleboggleItem info, Tide GliderItem info;
  • Whispering Death: Will quickly look around;
    • Appears in: Screaming DeathItem info;
  • Deadly Nadder: Has sitting idle but closer look need to be taken;
    • Might appear in: ScuttleclawItem info
  • Monstrous Nightmare: Will move forward and bite, then look around;
    • Appears in: Typhoomerang
  • Deathgripper: Will snif around;
  • Light Fury: Will slightly extend the wings and roar;
  • Boneknapper: ??
    • Appears in: Armorwing;
  • Flame Whipper: Will stretch his tongue to the floor like a frog, have a bit of a struggle before roughly retreating it with a recoil; 
  • Snaptrapper: Both heads will look around;
  • Timberjack: Looks to the sides then shakes the head;

Dragons who prossibly don't have Sitting Idle but need check in

  • Thunderdrum;
    • Changewing;
  • Skrill;
    • Snafflefang, Moldruffle, Mudraker, Deathsong and Speed Stinger;
  • Shovelhelm;
    • Windwalker;
  • Gronckle;
    • Groncicle;
  • Buffalord;
  • Catastrophic Quaken;
  • Dramillion;
  • Eruptodon;
  • Flightmare;
  • Grim Gnasher;
  • Hotburple;
  • Night Terror and Fire Terror;
  • Razorwhip;
  • Sentinel and Elder Sentinel;
  • Silver Phantom;
  • Singetail;
  • Slithersong;
  • Snow Wraith;
  • Stormcutter;
  • Terrible Terror;
  • Thunderpede;
  • Triple Stryke;
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