This post will be used to gather all info on this new type of event that was announced on 27th June 2018 on the various social media of the game.[1]

So D061418 Scavenger Hunt V4

As for October 1st, 2018, this event has ended and all the Scavenger Quests except Eret's Plunder are now gone.

General Info

  • Duration: The event will run for 4 weeks.
  • How it works: You need to find 4 fragments of an antique relic that are hidden around the game location. Once a week, a clue will be posted on the game social media (twitter , Facebook , Tumblr , forum ) for where to search for that week's fragment. To advance in the game, you need to find and have the previous week's fragment. That is, you can't find the second fragment if you haven't found the first one.
    When you reach a specific point in the location suggested by the riddle, you will get a new quest (that will award you an artifact).
  • The quest Eret's Plunder is an introduction to the scavenger's hunt, but it's not a requirement to unlock the first quest.
  • Tips: The clue will hint to a major feature in a location, that can be ANY in game (including Expansion-locked Locations ). The NPC that gives the quest, might not be close to the actual feature of the Location, but they're "hidden" out of sight - The quest arrow will NOT point to them.
  • Reward: Stormshatter sword, weapon that you can use for Dragon Tactics.


First Clue

Scavenger Hunt first clue
  • Released: 07/03/2018
    Item shattered tooth

    Shattered Tooth

  • Item: Shattered Tooth


  • It's in a free Location;
  • Despite the Admins saying to focus on "bill comes due and must be paid"[2], there's only one word in the riddle that's related to a main feature of the target location;
  • You need to fly to the higher point[3] of the location to find the NPC that will give you the quest to retrieve the first artifact. The quest will begin automatically when you approach the NPC;
  • According to the Admins, the NPC is Fishlegs;[3]

Second Clue

Scavenger Hunt second clue
  • Released: 07/10/2018
  • Item: Shattered Handle
    Item shattered handle

    Shattered Handle


  • It's in a free Location;
  • The NCP that gives the quest will appear only after you find the chest;
  • The riddle contains one element that describes the target location in general, and another element that hint at a main feature inside the location. It's on this feature that you will find the chest.

Third Clue

The admins announced the third clue will be released with 1 week delay, to give time to all players to solve the first 2 clues [4]

Scavenger Hunt third clue
  • Released: 07/24/2018
  • Item: Shattered Guard
    Item shattered guard

    Shattered Guard


  • It's in a free Location, but not one available from the start;
    • If it hasn't been unlocked yet, it will be unlocked to complete this quest;
  • The NCPs that give the quest will appear only after you find the chest, and at some distance from it;
  • The last sentence from the riddle, specifically a word, is the one that hints at this week's location;
    • In fact, the riddle has two words that relate to the location.
  • The announcement about the fourth clue also having a 1 week delay accidentally introduced a hint on the third clue's chest location;

Fourth Clue

The admins announced the fourth clue will also be released with 1 week delay:

A surprise visit by Whispering Deaths has left the School grounds covered in rocks and dirt, and the Dragon Riders have moved the fourth clue in our Scavenger Hunt to next week while they clean up the debris. Be ready to continue this adventure and solve the final clue!
  — School of Dragons' Tumblr [5]  

By the description, the third clue may have caused some glitches.

Scavenger Hunt fourth clue
  • Released: 08/21/2018
  • Item: Shattered Blade
    Item shattered blade

    Shattered Blade

  • FINAL REWARD: Stormshatter Chest
    Stormshatter chest

    Stormshatter Chest

    • When opening the chest, make sure you have space for the Stormshatter.


  • It's in a free Location, originally part of an expansion. The chest itself is in a sub-location of the main location, now accessible to all players.
  • Somewhat easy to notice as the access to said sub-location was re-positioned.
    • The location is relatively close, as it requires you to do 2 sharp turns.
  • No NCP will appear in the location after you find the chest.
  • Check that you have your quest arrow turned ON.
  • The last sentence from the riddle hints at the location;


  • Currently, there's a glitch that re-adds the Stormshatter Chest to the Backpack, allowing the player to receive the Stormshatter again.

Quest Location

Snod the sneak
Shh! Careful, this may contain spoilers!
Link to Quest Location of the Quest
Is This a Treasure? Titan Island - The very highest top of the mountain
The Hobblegrunt Mystery Hobblegrunt Island - On the side of the taller, rocky, sharp-esque mountain
Spelunking Whispering Death's Cave - Near the small, green, glowing (if on pc) water spring, if lost, use this map for reference
Storm Reforged Underwater section in The Ship Graveyard. Behind a shipwreck on the left, to reach it do a sharp turn to the left from the bell, passing by the large shipwreck and then a shard turn to the right, passing by a small shipwreck and entering a corner cave, the chest is in the seaweeds, so a dive into the cave's floor will do to pass by it and trigger the quest.


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