Sure, you can look at my notes from the class. Just remember this next time I forget my homework.
  — Wartihog [src]  

Wartihog is one of the three characters from the Book Franchise.


Wartihog is essentially a Viking created with the Player's Viking Customization: lanky, thin Viking with green eyes, red hair wearing a Veteran Helm, Light Brown Caped Tunic and Green Pants, Jade Leather Boots and Bronze Bracers.

You can make an exact replica of him by buying or using the correct clothing and picking up the correct colors.


Wartihog has a soft, affable attitude, quite welcoming to the player by letting them read his notes and warning them to remember it in case he forgets to do his homework[src]. He shows to be easily fascinated and interested in some subjects, right after you get his chunk of chocolate, he shares a fact about chocolate to the player[src] and even finds interest in knowing how did Hiccup bonded with Toothless[src].

He also considers Hiccup, and the player to an extent, their hero[src].

In the GameEdit

Wartihog only appears in a total of three Quests:

In History of the School, Wartihog delivers the Player his paper for The Headmaster. He returns in Chocolate in a Bottle, in the Quest, he gives you a chunk of chocolate for the experiment.

Wartihog is the only NPC in the game that gives a repeteable quest: Hiccup’s Tale. In it, Wartihog asks the player to go talk to Hiccup about how he used the Scientific Method for bonding with Toothless.


You can find him:

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