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Phlegma: "Hi [Your Viking's Name]! I have a big problem. I am constantly watering plats and I have to lug pails back and forth. Is there something you can do to make my work easier? Maybe Hiccup has a good idea."

1- Talk to Hiccup by Flight Club

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Hiccup: "Hmm. Interesting question, friend! I think a pulley system could be your solution!

We can create a simple machine to help make Phlegma's work easier! We'll have to gather two key ingredients, a grooved wheel and leather straps, to make a pulley.

Also, we'll need some wood and Gobber's help. I marked them in you Journal!"

2- Collect 20 wood logs

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Phlegma: "Great. This must be the base of the machine!"

3- Collect 3 leather pieces from Phlegma

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Phlegma: "Here, I hope you find it useful!"

4- Collect wheel from Bucket

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Bucket: "I don't remember why I have a grooved wheel! You can take it. Mulch said you ca use it to help guide the water to the greenhouse."

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Hiccup: "Now that we have all the parts, we'll need Gobber's help to put it all together! He is standing in front of the greenhouse at the Lookout."

5- Deliver parts to Gobber

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Gobber: "All right lad/lassie, we created a simple pulley system to solve our problem. See? We don't need anything complicated around here. Leave it to me!"

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