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Phlegma: "I don't think they're following us. We need to find out more about these dragons. Clearly they have adapted to this environment and can live with the smell. Let's find a way out, and, if you don't mind, let's take a closer look at that particular plant."

1- Examine the strange plants in front of you

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Phlegma: "Fascinating! These are clearly tropical plants flourishing here in this humid climate. See these creeping plants with roots clinging to tree branches? They're called epiphytes.

Epiphytes absorb water through their leaves instead of the roots, so they can compete for water in the thick foliage of a jungle. We might have a hard time seeing where we need to go through this fauna... but I brought something that will help. "

[I think Phlegma means "flora" not "fauna" as she's talking about plants]

Item: 1 compass

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Phlegma: "I spotted a bridge notheast of here while we were falling. I think that was what we were triggering inside the labyrinth. We should head that way."

2- Use the compass and head northeast

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Phlegma: "A dead end! If there's no way to go, we'll go through this maze of underbrush. We'll need to find a way we can push through. Let's go south."

3- Follow the path south

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Phlegma: "This flower has been eaten by some sort of animal. Be alert. This plant is an epiphyte called a ceriman. It's a tropical invasive species, which means it's not native to the ecosystem. It can cause a lot of harm if it's allowed to flourish."

4- Click on the Archaeologist and follow him

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Archaeologist: "...Ah.

O-kay... Slowly, back away from the angry dragon. I don't think it likes us being close while it eats."

5- Back away from the dragon and return to the Botanist

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Phlegma: "Great. You're back. Why are you shaking?

No matter. I've found a weakness in this underbrush that you can chop through. Don't worry; the fauna in jungle biomes is very aggressive, and it'll grow back quickly. "

[again, it should be flora, not fauna]

6- Chop through the plants

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Phlegma: "Ah! These strange dragons live here because they eat the cerimans that thrive in this environment. The smell doesn't bother them, somehow, so they can feast on their food without any competition. What a sweet deal for them!"

7- Take the east path

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Archaeologist: "They're close... Goodness, my mind is conjuring images of their razor sharp teeth. We need to pick up the pace! "

8- Chop through underbrush and head north

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Phlegma: "Good, we're out. What a tense situation! It was nearly as bad as the one time I went into battle with nothing but my armor and a sharpened mango.

That's not a very interesting story; we should keep our mind focused on the current task. Our Krayfin friend looks antsy. Follow him wherever he wants to go."

9- Follow the Krayfin

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Phlegma: "Just to be safer, shall we cross the bridge? I see more plants that would interest you, Phlegma."

[I wonder if these lines were meant to be said by Skulder, unless Phlegma is used to speak to herself]

10- Cross the bridge and examine the plants

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Phlegma: "These plants are more like the ones you're used to. These are philodendrons and ficuses. They're tropical plants, that prefer humid conditions, but they use their roots to absorb water and their leaves to absorb light.

Some species of philodendron are epiphytes and will wrap themselves around trees instead! There are so many subspecies that I could talk about them all day..."


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Phlegma: "Thor on a hammer! It's the baby dragon we saw earlier. Don't touch her, [your Viking's name]. Her parents are already furious, so let's not make things worse. I think now it's the time to step back."

11- Back away from the dragon onto the stairs

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Archaeologist: "Am I the only one who noticed that dragon lost her tail? Will she be all right?"

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