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Dagur: "Do you really think it was just a coincidence that the Triple Stryke chose Dragon's Edge for her little destructive spree? Please. I may not be book smart but I'm clever like a Skrill. This is exactly what I'd do to my enemy. Ask Astrid what she thinks if you want a sane opinion. "

1- Talk to Astrid

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Astrid: "Dagur's right; we can't assume that this is a one-time thing. That dragon was acting really strange, and we all know Hiccup has more than his fair share of enemies. We'll have to find out exactly what - or who - is behind this, and stop them.

With berserk dragons around, you need to be able to defend yourself and work together with your allies to stop them. I'm working on a weapon that would be perfect in your hands, but Gobber isn't done gathering the materials yet. Will you ask him for the materials? "

2- Talk to Gobber at Scuttleclaw Island

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Gobber: "Ah, you're here for Astrid's axe, huh? Let me tell you, I've spent years breathing life into beautiful weapons and I've never seen anything like her axe. She has a mind for weapons, just like me!"

Item: 2 Shivertooth fangs

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Gobber: "Now, I've found two of the Shivertooth fangs she asked for. (Be careful, they're freezing cold!) He's somewhere on this island... Can you find him and give him fish? They're Shivertooth's favorite, you see, and it'll help you get in the ice tyke's good graces!"

3- Look for the Shivertooth and click on him

! icon

!: "It looks like the Shivertooth will let you into his lair! You should look for a Shivertooth fang. "

4- Pick up a Shivertooth fang

! icon

!: "You should bring the fangs to Astrid in Dragon's Edge"

5- Bring the Shivertooth fangs to Astrid

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Astrid: "Wow, it doesn't have any cracks or chips. it's perfect! You and Gobber did great work. Give me one moment to get your present ready.

Let's brush up on your battle tactics. Take this ice axe and we'll run through the Dragon Tactics practice course together! "

6- Complete Astrid's Dragon Tactics challenge

[note: you have to complete the Tutorial and the First level of the Dragon Tactics]

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Astrid: "Hey, you did great! I'll expect bigger and better things from you, and I know you'll overcome all the courses. We'll have to run you through a lot of practice courses to get you ready for anything that we may have to face.

Oh, Heather's here! Great. She wanted to give this exercise a shot, and I bet Windshear is raring to give it a go too. Can you talk to her and let her know that it's ready? "

7- Greet Heather by the stables

Heather icon

Heather: "That sounds great. But first, I'm here for you! Johann is looking for you; he says that he really needs your help with something vital. He seemed really stressed. Will you go talk to him at Hobblegrunt Island? He said he'd wait by the crossed trees on the far side of the island. "

8- Find Johann at Hobblegrunt Island

Johann the Trader icon

Johann the Trader: "I see that Heather got my message to you! Oh, that is most excellent indeed. The need is both pressing and great, and you are the only Viking who may bring salvation to my most distressing situation. I'll bring you up to speed as fast as I can (and to save time, I will attempt to reign in my flourishes and asides).

I was asked to arrange a meeting with a man who has an... extensive history with hiccup and the illustrious others. And yes, some of that history was fraught with conflict. However, he approached me in good faith and asked me to remind you that he helped everyone survive on Dragon Island.

Harald is waiting for you below the hill... and I believe he is a friend. Please talk to him. "

9- Go to the shore and speack to Harald

Harald Forkbeard icon

Harald Forkbeard: "[Your Viking's name]! What a pleasure. I know, I know - why am I here after I last fled with my tail tucked between my legs? Well, can you blame me for fleeing a dragon the size of an island? Besides, I helped you out then, and I'm here to do you another favor. Berk will gain a very powerful ally, if you have the courage to listen.

Interested? My new boss has asked me to extend an invitation to you to her battleship. I told her that you are a moral Viking with Hiccup's ear. He's stubborn and headstrong; I don't know if he could put his misplaced hatred of me aside to have a peaceful talk. I bet you can. "

Johann the Trader icon

Johann the Trader: "My word. You may be a bit apprehensive about this offer, but I believe that we have a duty to listen to his offer. If his assertion is correct, his new employer will introduce a large shift in power in the archipelago. It is best to meet them and be prepared for what come next.

I shall go with you to make sure that you are safe. Harald's boat is waiting for us at the shore... let us board together. "

10- Board Harald's ship

[you are teleported to Stormheart island]

Harald Forkbeard icon

Harald Forkbeard: "Here we are at the jewel of the ocean: the Tempest. The captain standing on the bridge of the ship is no less impressive. (You'll find out for yourself soon enough.)

Don't mind the bristling weapons or the sense of foreboding dread around the ship. I vouch for your safety, and my word is as good as gold! Johann and I will wait for you here, mate. Go on, then - Stormheart is waiting for you. "

11- Talk to Harald's new boss

[you need to purchase the expansion to access the ship]

Stormheart icon

Stormheart: "Harald tells me you are a warrior for Hiccup's army and you have his ear. Good. That will make this conversation efficient: my favourite word. "

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