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!: "[Mysterious Object]
This is identical to a piece of the bottles the Rogue Dragon Rider was throwing against the Death Song. If it is next to the Lab, then Heather must know where it came from.

You should pick up some of the glass shards."

1- Pick up a glass piece

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!: "Give the glass shard to Heather and talk to her about the identity of the Rogue Dragon Rider."

2- Give the glass piece to Heather

Item broken glass fragments

Broken Glass Fragments

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Heather: "Well... you're right, [your Viking's name]. I am the rogue dragon rider and Windshear is my Razorwhip. You see, I've been on a crusade against Dagur's allies. He needs to pay for harming my village and my parents.

When I put on the mask, I can act without fear that Dagur would hurt my friends or the School of Dragons as retaliation. I feel like I can make a difference.

I hope you understand, [your Viking's name]. I did it to protect us.

I was rash in my attack of the Death Song. Let's use the scientific method to come up with a plan!

As I see it, we need to solve 2 problems. First, how do we keep the Death Song from mesmerizing my dragon? And second, how do we keep the dragon from settling in Berk?

Let's start with our research. Can you go talk to the Headmaster and see if he has any advice on how to solve our problems?"

3- Talk to the Headmaster

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Headmaster: "I've been thinking of ways around the problem, ever since the dragon began to menace my school and my people. Why is the dragon coming here now? What has changed?

I have a theory. The Archaeologist said there were no dragons on Death Song Island. It is searching for alternate food sources and settling in Berk where there is plenty of prey. If we find it another food source, it should leave our dragons alone!"

4- Talk to the Botanist

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Phlegma: "The Death Song built a nest on Berk. It must be creating a home on Berk. If you get rid of the nest, the Death Song should go elsewhere."

5- Talk to Fishlegs

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Fishlegs: "The Death Song's call is like a beautiful song to the dragons. If a dragon hears the melody, they're completely mesmerized. The only way to be safe is to block out the sound!"

6- Talk to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Ah ha! I knew everyone would come crawling back to acknowledge my brilliance. I can't just give you these ear plugs. Do you think amber just grows on trees?

And think about how much work the great artiste Snotlout put into these ear plugs! Every one of these is a pièce de résistance. I think it means you can't resist it.

I am going to need a lot in return. If you help me set up for my next pieces, I'll give you the ear plugs. I need 6 logs of wood. Chop chop!"

7- Chop 6 wood logs from the Wilderness

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Snotlout: "That's a good start.

These amber ear plugs took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I need more. Bring me 4 pieces of dragon nip and 6 wood logs. Hookfang needs compensation for the fire he used to warm the amber."

8- Give 4 pieces of Dragon Nip to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "This will make Hookfang very happy.

I'm preparing a set of ear plugs for you, [your Viking's name]. They're hand-made, limited edition, and signed by the artiste Snotlout! But... before I can hand it over, I want Hiccup's foot. Not the one he has on right now, but Gobber should have the old prosthetic. I want it on my mantle! "

9- Get Hiccup's old foot to Snotlout

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Astrid: "What are you doing, Snotlout? Knock it off! Give [your Viking's name] the ear plugs or I am going to thump the Artiste right out of you!"

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Snotlout: "Hey Astrid! I was only kidding. No need to get angry.
Talk to me, [your Viking's name]."

10- Talk to Snotlout

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Snotlout: "Well... Snotlout the Artiste must now get back to work on his next masterpiece! "

[item: 1 Amber Ear Muffs] 10- Return to Heather

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Heather: "Oh, about the... other matter. Please keep the identity of the rogue dragon rider a secret, I don't want the secret to leak to Dagur. The secret is more secure if fewer people know the truth.

I won't stop you from talking to Valka, but please think about what I said! "

11- Talk to Valka

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Valka: "You found out who the rogue dragon rider is but you promised to keep it a secret? Well... I'll trust your judgement for now, [your Viking's name], but tell the rogue dragon rider to come talk to me."

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